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Alexkid – Sequencer Bundle A

The Creator of Instant Haus Flexes his Sequencer Muscles


Alexkid’s Sequencer Bundle A has four great little sequencers, expect to drop them on a MIDI track and get instant gratification!
User Guide:

Please see the Video Walkthroughs at the top of the page.

Developer: Alexkid
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS: Windows & MacOS
Min. Requirements: MaxforLiveforLivexforLive is Essential


The first collection of MaxforLive Sequencers from Alexkid are a joy to work with, drop them in front of your MIDI instruments or even your MIDI out to Hardware gear. With the click of a few buttons you’ll be up and running with new melodies & rhythms!

Coin Locker Babies – Quasi-Euclidean Sequencer / Generative Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live 

Erm… How to describe this thing? It’s primarily an ambient pattern generator partly based on an Euclidean (non-common bar divisions) engine. With this patch you can randomly generate odd polyrhythmic melodies easy to fine tune or start from scratch for extra-curious sequences whilst remaining musical. Though some Artists have been using it lately in a full Techno set up.

Obtain -in a matter of seconds- relaxing, melancholic or eerie loops and patterns by combining one or more instances of the same plug-in triggering melodies through one of the 18 exotic scales. Ideal to sequence sine-wave plucks, kalimbas, mallets or any type of ambient FM sounds…

Each sequence triggers a certain amount of notes (trig value) per bar, time quantised by the value of the division (div/val) resulting in strange and organic rhythms

Probabilistic Sequencer – 16 Probabilistic Step Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live 

Sequencer with unique characteristics. It features two melodic lines and a probability line sequence allowing to alternate between both melodies. Each line has an independent length thus enabling complex polyrhythms and evolving patterns at the control of your fingertips. Generate exciting bass-lines with subtle variations or eccentric melodies in a blink. Use it with Soft-Synths as well as Hardware.

 Cute Little Sequencer – 8 Step Sequencer for Ableton Max4Live/Ableton Live 

Fun and intuitive 8 step sequencer with creative random features specially tailored for nowadays electronic music. Experiment with polyrhythms and forced scales. A perfect tool for generating unexpected bass-lines and intriguing acid loops at the press of a button. Use it with Soft-Synths as well as Hardware.

Hats4Dayz – 16 Step Probabilistic Sequencer for Hi-Hats

Yes, this is a Sequencer designed for Hi-Hats! Ever wanted to have variations happening on your Hats whilst maintaining full control on your parameters? This is the perfect tool as you can control the probability of play, accent and note PER STEP!

This means YOU can decide if it plays or not, or maybe, if it’s closed, open or sometimes one or the other. You can decide if the accent plays, or not, or sometimes.

TRIG – Program your Sequence like a 909

PROB PLAY – 100% plays for sure, values below indicate the probability of play.

PROB CH/OH – 0% plays Closed Hat. 100% Plays Open Hat. Every value in between leans towards one or the other.

PROB ACCENT – 0% No Accent. 100% Accent is ON. In between values indicate the probability of Accent ON.

The NUPATTERN Random function has been fine tuned to provide Musical probability values and a good starting point to generate your Hi-Hats line.

Also includes polyrhythm functions and various play modes. Use it with your own Drum Kits or with your Drum-Machines via MIDI.


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Multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer, Alexkid is credited as an early protagonist of 90s Parisian underground culture.His work in the early days of MaxforLive led to the highly acclaimed release of Instant Haus on Abletons own webstore which has acted as the inspiration to others ever since.

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