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Ableton Live Control Surface Script


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This Control Surface Script for Ableton Live extends the use of the AKAI MIDIMIX including the Ring Focus Box and 24 Parameter Control.

  • Session Control
  • 24 Parameter Device Control
  • Send & Return Control
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10
AKAI MIDIMIX XL by Sigabort Ableton Control Surface Script
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    2 reviews for AKAI MIDIMIX XL by Sigabort

    1. Geir Breimo (verified owner)

      It does exactly as described and gives a fantastic device control experience. Havent figured out if its possible to select devices within a rack though. Best use is probably building your own macros and using them. I would not have bought the midimix without this software but now I have a cheap controller doing advanced stuff. Very happy with it and Im shure it will speed up my workflow considerably once I set up proper macros for the racks i normally use.Thanks

    2. Richard Crafter (verified owner)

      This is fantastic. Makes a cheap controller extremely powerful with logical controls and layout. I am really happy with it and recommend it to anyone! Also, I had done something silly during setup and the customer service was top-notch, fast and helpful response even though the problem was entirely of my own making! Top product all round

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    23rd February 2021

    Release version for Live 11 Compatibility

    16th October – 2018

    Release version for Live 10.0.4

    AKAI MIDIMIX XL by Sigabort

    When the AKAI MIDIMIX landed on our front door step it charmed us, it’s small, light and gives control over 8 tracks in Ableton Live…

    But then that’s about it, and as we don’t like leaving things as standard when a little effort can turn them into something awesome, we decided to give it Sigabort’s XL treatment!!

    With Sigabort’s MIDIMIX XL Control Surface Script this tiny controller starts to offer even more, offering both Session and Device modes it has become one of the best portable controllers out there.

    First up – if a Controller is going to take up a Control Surface Slot in Live then it deserves at the very least the onscreen Ring Focus Box, with a 1 x 8 box showing you visually which eight tracks are being controlled by the MIDIMIX, it’s lack of LED’s can be partially excused.

    Secondly – Any controller that get’s the Isotonik touch is certain to have LaunchSync compatibility, with this you can use the MIDIMIX as the Master or Slave controller linking it with an Ableton Push or adding further controls to an AKAI APC40 or a Novation LaunchPad!

    Thirdly – We’ve done it before and this is the latest controller to get the magic of our 24 Parameter device control, simply tap the SOLO button and the Mute buttons control the selection of the first 8 devices on the Track in focus, the REC ARM buttons turn the devices on and off whilst the 24 Potentiometers Blue Hand Map to the device in focus….

    Bank Left and Bank Right then allow you to cycle through all of the available parameters, so grab hold of an Operator and have complete control over your tweaking with just one controller!

    Fourthly – There’s further options for controlling three sends on the Pots rather than just two and the Pan which is switchable from the controller when enabled in the Config.txt file. And there’s a choice of Returns Mode as well…

    Mode 0 – no return tracks are shown

    Mode 1 – normal tracks have priority – return tracks will only be displayed if there are not enough normal tracks to fill the display – you can use the BANK LEFT/RIGHT buttons to scroll through normal tracks until the return tracks are displayed.

    Mode 2 – return tracks have priority – return tracks will always be displayed and will occupy the right hand portion of the controller – you can use the BANK LEFT/RIGHT buttons to scroll through the normal tracks that can be controlled.

    Finally (for now) – We’ve even given it compatibility with our Isotonik Parameter Editor, PrEditor 2 that will allow you to configure exclusively per controller how you want the parameters to line up, you’ll find working in banks of 24 at a time is a completely different experience to just 8 at a time.

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