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Granular Lab

Amazing Noises get Granular

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Granular Lab is “the ultimate granular manipulation suite” for Max for Live. It contains three audio devices and more than 100 presets/audioracks!
  • Grain Cooler
  • Grain Crusher 2
  • Grain Reverser 2
Developer: Amazing Noises
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential



Grain Cooler generates polyphonic streams of short grains. Each stream contains a frozen or stretched granulation of the input sound.


Env Smooth: this parameter sets the attack and decay phases of the envelope of each stream (see below, second panel). When it is 0 they are very fast (10 milliseconds), when it is 1 each phase lasts for half the stream duration: f.i. if the stream duration is 3 seconds and the Env Smooth parameter is 1, the attack and decay duration is 1.5 seconds each, and the envelope is actually triangular.

Scan: this parameter sets a stretching factor for the granulation of each stream. When it is 0 the sound is frozen (i.e. a small fixed portion of the input sound is repeatedly granulated), when it is 1 the granulated sound can advance in time at the same rate of the input sound. For parameter values > 0 the Scan value for each stream is randomly chosen between 0 and the actual parameter.

Wob Freq: the amplitude of each stream can be modulated by a “wobbler” (a sinusoidal LFO). This parameter sets the wobbler frequency. The Var parameter on the right specifies a random variation of the wobbler frequency.

Feedback: this is a multiplier for the amplitude of the stream which is sent back to the granulator.Fb Damp: this is a damp factor for the feedback when there is no input signal.

LP, HP, BP switches: select a low pass, high pass or band pass filter. When two or three switches are on, a different filter is randomly used for each grain.


Grain Crusher 2 is a Max for Live device which performs “Extreme Grain Manipulation”. It is a noise and glitch FSU audio effect: you can get a lot of strange and unique sounds from its 3 processing modules: the Delay Modulator, the Grain Mangler and the External Feedback Loop.

Grain Mangler – This section’s parameters are divided into three subsections: a) Bit Crusher, b) Frequency Shift/Distortion, c) Filter. The upper left numeric parameter sets the percentage of processing applied (it is a sort of local dry-wet).

Delay Modulator – This section shows the parameter for the Delay Modulator effect. The audio input is routed in an LFO controlled variable delay. The upper left numeric parameter sets the percentage of processing applied (it is a sort of local dry-wet).

External Feedback Loop – This circuit is not “inside” the grains, like the other two, but “outside”: the audio produced by the grains is delayed and feed back into the effect input. The upper left numeric parameter sets the percentage of external feedback applied.


Grain Reverser 2 granulates the input sound and reproduces it in reverse. It has a feedback circuit and a multi-mode filter. It can create a wide variety of effects, from psychedelic reversed sounds to ethereal resonances to massive harmonic transpositions.


Grain Dur: the duration of a single grain. The V (Var) parameter below specifies a random variation of the duration (in this case each grain can be 0.5 seconds long ± 80%, i.e. any value from 0.1 to 0.9 seconds). The R (Ratio) parameter sets the portion of the grain which is actually playing: when it is 100% the grain is playing for the whole duration, at 50% the grain is playing for half duration (and the remaining half is silent) and so on.

Pitchmin, Pitchmax: set the minimum and the maximum pitch shifting of the grain. The actual value is chosen randomly in the given Pitchmin-Pitchmax range.

Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass switches: select a low pass, high pass or band pass filter. When two or three switches are on, a different filter is randomly used for each grain.



1 review for Granular Lab

  1. Jamie

    Very cool stuff here. Glitchy, granular madness!

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Amazing Noises

Amazing Noises is the brainchild of Maurizio Giri the co-author of the Max Bible, Electronic Music & Sound Design. As one of the core originators of MaxforLive devices it’s an honour to now include him within the Isotonik Collective and we’re looking forwards to bringing you more from his talented mind!

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