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Nedit is sample processor for Ableton, running in Max For Live, by Ned Rush. Once you’ve dropped in a sample, it slices, glitches, juggles and squirts out sound ready for resampling or performing. You can tweak it, click and drag it, jam it or leave it to do its own thing. It has 3 sequencer concepts based around probability, looping and statistics, as well as full control over all main functions from your midi controller.
Developer: Ned RUSH
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


PLEASE NOTE: This product is compatible with Live 10 there are no plans to update it specifically for Live 11 so you use it at your own risk.

Nedit is a processor for manipulating samples in real-time from long time Isotonik Collective member Ned RUSH.

Drop a sample into it’s interface & once it has been loaded, you can change the sample start position, playback direction and loop size, as well as process through various effects, either from a selection of sequencer modes programmed by a multi-slider interface.

With 8 Dial control automated via Device Control to the like of the Ableton Push you can also tweak out to your hearts content.

Loaded samples can be synced to Live’s tempo by selecting a loop length or played un-synced with a definable pitch. The in built sequencers use concepts based on probability, looping, or events gathered from statistics, and there are 4 sequencers, one for each of the 4 functions for how Nedit performs, laid out across 4 tabs.

Each sequence can have its own mode and rate, allowing for interesting cross rhythms and overlapping patterns. The results can vary from subtle variations of drum loops, to insane sonic deconstructions.

Whilst Nedit is ready to be used in a performance context, it serves best as a sound generator for creating real-time edits of existing material, ready to be resampled and used further in compositions. Nedit can be sculpted to create interesting rhythmic patterns and textures or can be fully randomised for complete mayhem.

Want to chat with likeminded audio manipulators, then join up in the social group on Facebook – Nedit Users


5 reviews for Nedit by Ned RUSH

  1. Jamie (verified owner)

    This is a fun piece of kit. Full of surprises but capable of delightful controlled chaos. Toss a couple of these in a song and it’s instant inspiration. Don’t hesitate, just get it. You won’t be sorry. I love it.

  2. nektarios (verified owner)

    Just dropped it in a track and I can already tell this is going to get rinsed. Precision cuts to quantised chaos and everything in between. Very handy piece of software.
    Thank you.

  3. lauto (verified owner)

    great experimental device!

  4. Cory Winston (verified owner)

    This!!!! yes – yes – YESSSSS! As mentioned above, instant inspiration from this device. Haven’t even gotten too experimental yet, having way too much fun mangling breakbeats. Very very excited to see what else I can do with this bad boy.

    This is a must have for the experimental types out there!

    You’re a legend Ned! P.S you’re also my fave youtube music production personality by a millleeeee xoxo

  5. Patrick James Foetisch (verified owner)

    Really like it overall and it would be 4 stars (some stuff i think is not very user friendly or cleaer in terms of layout) but the clocking to the ableton master tempo is not good for me. Maybe there’s a way to adjust it, but for now, I leave it at 3 stars. It’s also because drag and dropping samples in Nedit does not always work for me, which is weird. Highly recommed Ned’s Lucky 16 audio effects though. This does what I was looking for.

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Version 1.0.3 Released 20th June 2019

  • The Multislider settings now save with the Live set

Version 1.0.2 Released 25th November 2018

  • Added Banks for display on Push in Live 10


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Ned Rush

Ned Rush (aka rude_NHS) is a composer, producer, musician, sound designer and developer as well as visual artist and video editor. Although releasing music online since 2000, he rose to notoriety in 2009 through his eccentric YouTube channel making videos about music tech. He continues to release music, sounds and exclusively developers Max For Live devices with Isotonik Studios that focus on more abstract concepts of performance, sound design and animation.In. expanding the Ned RUSH Universe in 2017 he founded HyperReal StudiosLINKS: HYPERREAL STUDIOS – YOUTUBE – PATREON – FACEBOOK

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