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Slink Pan by Hypnus Records

Endlessly morphing stereo modulations.


Slink Pan is a stereo movement generator based on two Slink waves.The result is an endlessly evolving panning motion controlled by an intuitive interface suitable for both beginners and professionals.
User Guide:


Developer: Hypnus Records & Chaos Culture
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10/11 Suite or Ableton Live 10/11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS: Mac & WIndows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive 8.1.6+ is Essential



Slink Pan generates panning patterns from an algorithm inspired by the natural movement of water to create an organically morphing stereo effect.

Main Features 

  • Uniquely organic stereo movements.
  • Intuitive controls and visual feedback.
  • Easy to use with deep explorative potential.
  • Internal modulation patching.

PLEASE NOTE: Slink Pan is also available a part of the – SLINK BUNDLE


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1, Download the provided zip file

2, Extract the contents

3, Open your copy of Ableton Live

4, Double click on the provide .alp file to install

5, Ignore the warning that this pack was made for an earlier version of Live – click accept

6, Read the manual 🙂


Hypnus Records

Ever since the birth of consciousness there has been reverence of the unknown. We have always sought to understand what hides behind the curtain of our perceptive limitations by means of emotional exploration, observance of nature and ritualistic techniques of ecstasy.  Using nothing but our minds and a beat, we may enter a state that lies beyond our ordinary reality as we slither between inner dimensions not explainable by the words of man. Instead we’ve been communicating our experiences through mythical lore, esoteric doctrine and symbolism which jolts us into this wordless state of illumination.  Today, in the era of modern sound design, we’re able to shape sounds in ways not previously conceivable in the history of our consciousness. This is why the adepts of Hypnus have gathered; to evoke sonic landscapes that utilize our wonderful imaginary ability and to equip the receiver with a lush bouquet of perceptive assets. With this we hope to aid the pursuit of stretching our conscious limits while connecting us all to each other and nature in the process. – hypnus records 

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