Uno Plus Series – One Knob Effect Racks

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The Uno PLUS Series are Ableton Live Racks designed to get even more out of your audio in a myriad of ways with a total of 77 effect racks



The Uno PLUS Series is made up of five distinct packs of Ableton Live Racks and Devices designed to get even more out of your audio the full details of which you’ll find below. In total there are 33 One Knob racks in the Uno PLUS series. As a bonus, you will also get EVERY free PerforModule One-Knob effect so far released. That results in a nifty total of 77 effect racks

PerforModule Uno Series effects are delicately programmed for balanced levels. You will never have any crazy runaway feedback problems or sudden painful volume bursts. They are designed so that any setting of the Single Macro has a theoretically beneficial result.

To help with the use of the effects information (such as the default knob position) will appear on mouseover of the title bar and macros. Unless noted in their descriptions, the Uno effects will not cause any clicks or zipper noises when adjusting values in a live performance setting or with automation, nor will they cause your significant other to spontaneously admonish you.

Tasty Grit Rack Pack

Three carefully calibrated racks to add different types of flavorful dirt & chunk, from gentle & ear-pleasing to the neighbor banging on the wall begging you to please stop.

Cramp*: Feel your muscles tightening? Add a final touch of warmth, chunk and sizzle to an audio part, group or a full mix with this soft-clipping saturation / compression combo.

Gramp*: Amp & distortion channel to add “smack” to audio. You whippersnappers better get off my lawn!

Tramp*: Nasty Amp & distortion channel which devastates sound. Trashy, sleazy, slutty; lets it all out.

Wobification Rack Pack

Four devices for adding wobble to any audio source, ranging from liquidy smooth to uber naughty. Each device has a different overall character and behaviour as you twist its dial.


Wacky Creature Rack Pack

Sixteen One-Knob effect racks that create wacky & varied fantastical monster effects, calibrated for live performability. Get bestial! [we’ll leave the descriptions to your imagination on these ones]

Freak* / Insect / Taffee / Draggle / Bubbler / Flasagne / RoboTube / BrainLicker* / TripleQuack / SpeakyImp* / FrogScorch / ProtoSpasm / FlyingMaggots / Dopplebanger / SnuffleMuffigus* / Grump 

Space Rhythms

Four “space” effects from the far reaches of the cosmos. Don’t forget to come back to earth eventually.


Directional Faders Rack Pack

A set of six special mixing fader gain knobs that fade the sound in a specific direction, adding dimension. During a section of a song when several parts fade-in or fade-out at the same time, try using a different Directional Fader on each to do the fades rather than using volume automation like you normally might (for example: have two instrument parts fade out, one fading to the left and one to the right, or have a drum clip fade in starting with the low frequencies and a percussion part from the center expanding outward to full).


NOTE: Uno Plus Series Effects marked * Require ownership of the “Amp” and/or “Collision” Live Packs

NOTE: This pack is also available as part of the Niche Collection – CLICK HERE

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