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Uno Plus Series

One Knob Effect Racks


A pack of seventy-seven one-knob effect racks for Ableton Live 9, imparting a wide range of tools which accomplish feats from extremely simple, straightforward processing tasks to complex and bizarre glitch craziness. Features racks from Tasty Grit, Wobification, Wacky Creatures, Space Rhythms, Directional Faders, Degratortion, Glitchification, Sweemps, Modutation, and Freqification. 
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 9.75+


The first ever “for sale” offering by PerforModule, this classic pack from 2013 is still relevant today, boasting a collection of seventy-seven single-knob effect racks, thirty-three exclusive to the pack and forty-four of which were assembled from previous classic performodule UNO freebie racks (commonly used in acclaimed Animus Invidious DJ sets at the time). The Uno Plus racks come as 5 themed groups, plus the classic UNO racks.

Tasty Grit – Three single-knob distortion effects, one specifically to boost final output of a group or master buss, and two distortion/amp/cabinet combos of completely different flavor.

A Favorite: Gramp (smack adder).

Wobification – Four Wobble fx ranging from liquidy smooth to uber naughty, each with a different overall character and behaviour as you twist its knob. These provide a dubsteppy “wobble” effect for instruments that lack that capability, such as acoustic guitar, for example. To better control the amount + rate, these actually have an extra knob for dry-wet.

A Favorite: Gobify (goblin wobble).

Wacky Creatures – Sixteen wildly varying fun effects mostly for live performance. Drop a few into a live set on an individual track, a live instrument or vocals routing thru Live, busses of summed beats or melodies, or the master channel (before a final limiter, if using one).

When you want something wacky to happen, activate a creature to have it unleash its particular manipulation of the audio stream. Map to MIDI controller hardware for the most fun. Make your own multi-creature racks, summoning multiple phantasms.

A Favorite: Taffee (stretchy).

Space Rhythms – Four “space” effects from the far reaches of the cosmos, including random delay and frozen washes. Don’t forget to come back to this planet eventually.

A Favorite: Whaaaat (hold at max & follow up w/ other fx for live performance magic).

Directional Faders – Mixing fader gain knobs each with an extra feature: altering dimension as you automate.

The knobs’ default (bypass) is at maximum; as they fade down in volume, the directional movement also takes place.

Classic UNO Racks:

  • Degratortion – One-knob distortion and degradation effects.
  • Glitchification – One-knob performance glitch effects.
  • Sweemps – One-knob performance sweep filter effects.
  • Modutation – One-knob trippy modulation effects.
  • Freqification – One-knob frequency shifter functions.


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5 June 2018

Maintenance update, cosmetic polishing.


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PerforModule is the brainchild of Animus Invidious. Over the year Animus has collaborated with scores of artists from all over the world on songs appearing on various albums and compilations. He has mastering credits on about a dozen albums with his unofficial brand “Tasty Mastering”. Known for having sensibilities covering both acoustic as well as electronic music, he has mastered material by Astara Summers, Hopeful Heroines, Michael Garfield, Charlie Milo Trio, Phat Kid, StoneyBertz, Lil’ Flip and others.The most recent album mastered by Animus Invidious is “Face Our Own Reflection” by Joy Tru, which includes multiple songs that have achieved FM radio play reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.As a Sound Designer Animus has assisted various musicians with tailored sound design tasks over the years (for example, he appears in the credits of the prog metal album Solipsism by the band Left Brain). In 2013, Animus started and began sharing clever and useful custom Ableton Live racks which he had crafted. Shortly thereafter, his “Vocoverb” device was featured on Ableton Live’s website and the rest is history.LINKS – WEBSITE

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