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How long before I can download my purchase?

You’ll be able to download your purchases from your account as soon as we’ve received confirmation that your payment has cleared from our payment processing providers, Paypal or Stripe.

Please be aware that on rare occasions a bank delays the clearance of any such payment, especially where some interaction is required on your behalf in confirmation. If this exceeds a threshold for timing your order may show as pending. If this is the case please contact us using the “Contact US” option via the left hand menu and select “Account / Download Query”. We will need to manually check with our bank to confirm the receipt of cleared funds before manually releasing your purchase, this can only be done during working hours here in the UK so please allow for up to 24 hours for a response.

On rare occasions when purchasing using PayPal we’ll receive notification that payment was made by eCheque. This works just like a cheque in real life however payment is unlikely to clear as quickly. We’ve experienced up to 14 days taken before the payment is processed and the purchase becoming available download.

If the above content doesn’t answer your pre-sales query then please use the contact option in the main menu on the left.

If however your looking for support on your existing purchase please head over to your account and submit a support ticket from there to prioritise your response time.

If you fill in the form below we'll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner!

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As an existing customer please log into your account with the link below, you'll find our knowledge base which may answer your question and the option to submit a support ticket...