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Massimiliano Cerioni (Italy, 1986) is an award-winning composer, sound engineer, sound artist, and educator. He explores new sonic possibilities through coding and designing custom-made instruments. He also performs on stage with his creations. His artistic production includes acousmatic and electroacoustic music compositions, live-electronics, audiovisuals, music for video, performances, sound-art installations, and multimedia projects.

He is from Pomezia (Rome, IT) and lives in Berlin. Cerioni graduated with an MA in Electronic Music from A. Casella Conservatory of Music in L’Aquila (Italy) under the direction of Michelangelo Lupone.

Cerioni has received awards, commissioned works (Artescienza Festival and Cycling’74), and distinctions, including placing 1st at the Italian national art prize Premio Abbado in 2015 under the Electroacoustic Music Compositions category. In 2017, Cerioni presented his first augmented monochord prototype called Metastring at Tempo Reale Festival in Florence. In 2019, he was a resident artist at EMS — Elektron Musik Studion in Stockholm (Sweden), and in the meantime a guest of the CM Lerici Italian Institute of Culture. In 2020, he announced his audio plugin project Culto, made for releasing Max For Live devices for experimental sound design. From 2023, Culto plugins are distributed by Isotonik Studios. Since 2021, he has been a resident artist from SCOPE BLN in Berlin. In 2022, Cycling’74 commissioned him the creation of a MaxMSP Gen patch, for which he implemented the Lotka-Volterra two-species competition-cooperation model as a sound synthesis system. In 2023, the same project was featured in the Radius Collective Exhibition Underline at the Midway Studios gallery In Boston and the Linea Festival in Biella, Italy.

He collaborates with the online learning center Music Hackspace, The Audio Programmer youtube channel, and several artists and professionals from different fields. Notable mentions: Julian Zyklus, Silvia Morandi, Function Store, Fabrizio Di Salvo, SaraBrown, Opale Studio, reinfected.me.

Since 2023, his music has been released under the Elli Records label.

Culto Plugins
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Rabbit Hole by Culto


“Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice as she gazed into the Rabbit Hole. Take a journey through this wonder tunnel and your sound will meet a new reality, unlike any other.Rabbit Hole is the ultimate chaos modulation delay by Culto, where parallel modulators driven by a random function warp its delay lines into creating weird sonic events. It fills empty spaces in your samples, creating additional rhythmical layers and thick, swirling textures.With Rabbit Hole, you can reverse the delay sound, filter it, loop portions of the random function, apply gentle modulation for chorusing effects, and add quirky jumps for bubbly streams of sound.So, if you need unheard sounds, enter the wonder tunnel and let Rabbit Hole take you on a wild ride of sonic discovery.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed



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