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Our Circuit Editor was born when the Novation Circuit first got pushed across our desk & we just got it, in minutes we had a simple tune up and playing whereas with other synths we’d hit brick walls and pulled the plug on the project without finding that spark of inspiration!

With the Circuit Editor Pro you can adjust every parameter in realtime and play the results on the Circuit, tweaking everything imaginable from the Oscillators and LFO’s to the Chorus and Distortion settings. As part of the Circuits’ attraction is the 8 macro dials (which can be mapped to up to four parameters each) we’ve given you the ability to re-define what they’ll modulate when you perform Live!

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  • Sale! LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack

    LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack

    7 unique Roli Lightpad M apps for the Novation Circuit

    The LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack consists of 7 unique custom-built Roli Lightpad M apps designed to expand the control and possibilities of the Novation Circuit. Play samples chromatically, do some fingerdrumming, or bring full tactile control of Synth Macros using Aftertouch and Slide! The pack also includes a Circuit pack with 64 specially designed patches and samples to demonstrate the power of the apps.

    Developer: LDM Design | Compatibility: N/A | OS: Mac & WIndows | Minimum Requirements: LightPad M & ROLI Dashboard to update your BLOCK

  • Novation Circuit Editor Pro

    Circuit Editor PRO

    Upgrade to Randomise & Morph

    Step up to the Circuit Editor PRO! Upgraded based on users requests and rebuilt from scratch to cope with the demands of automation in Ableton Live.

    We’ve also added a completely expanded view for all parameters with no tabbed interfaces, a morph between two patches function and finally intelligent randomisation for instant patch creation on the Novation Circuit.

    Developer: Isotonik Studios | Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7 | Live 10 | Standalone Versions for Mac & Windows | OS: Mac & Windows 10+ | Minimum Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential for using within Ableton Live