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We go dark with the novation circuit


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The DreddSteppa pack for the Novation Circuit is inspired by all great underground bass music, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Future Bass.The follow up to Cosmogonic by LDM DesignOG Circuit Pack – Includes 64 Patches, 64 Samples & 24 SessionsCircuit Tracks Pack – – Includes 64 Patches, 64 Samples & 24 Sessions
Developer: LDM Design
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit


The follow up to the immensely popular Cosmogonik, this is the second pack for the Novation Circuit groove box from LDM Design

The DreddSteppa pack for the Novation Circuit is inspired by all great underground bass music, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Future Bass.

You will find Wobs, Growls, Rumbles, and Subs to satisfy the low end, along with hypnotic leads, sweeping pads and wobbling chords.

Inspiration comes from bass legends such as Chameleon, Dillinja, Krust, John B, Genotype, Mala, Pinch, Joker, Benga, Skream, Digital Mystikz, Shackleton and Appleblim.

The pack consists of 64 patches & 64 samples including a number of chopped, resampled and layered breaks and electronic synthisized hits. You also get 24 sessions demonstrating the different sounds you can make, including some reconstructions of classic tracks.

With the OG Circuit the patches are designed around a consistent set of Macros to provide move intuitive performance as shown below. These macros have been updated wherever possible for the Circuit Tracks to reflect the labels on the physical synth itself.

DreddSteppa Novation Circuit Pack Macros

2 reviews for DreddSteppa

  1. Lawrence Wolcott (verified owner)

    Wow, where has dubsteppa been all my life! we LOVE this circuit pack, it’s booming our house and keeping us well entertained in this viral lockdown. Bring more of this DnB and dubby stuff and we’ll keep buying it. Godspeed to you all and be safe!

  2. Nathaniel Smith (verified owner)

    The patches are fantastic for dnb and the lofi dubstep sound the Circuit can do, totally worth the price of purchase. I found the samples kinda lack-luster, ended up replacing all of them with free drums and FX from the Loopmasters pack. They are entirely short percussive sounds and while I’m pretty new at sound design, I’ve personally had a lot more fun and success using 1 or 2 drum tracks for little clips of wubs and growls, which doesn’t come with the patch, but because the drums in the pack are so short, you’ll have plenty of space to upload your own, larger samples.

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LDM Design is a project which started life in 2016, recreating Monome apps in Max For Live to use natively on the Launchpad Mini, which are still freely available on his website.He also created the popular glitchy multi-FX sequencer devices Manglerack and MangleFX, influenced by the legendary Illformed Glitch VST. Since then the project has expanded into making all kinds of M4L devices, always taking care in designing a clean, unique GUI.Many of his devices also show a love for introducing various degrees of chaos and probability into music production. His first release for Isotonik, the LP Pack, continued recreating and improving upon classic Monome apps and original ideas to expand the creative potential of the Novation Launchpad Mk1 and Mk2. Next, as a homage to the great Brian Eno and his creative processes, LDM then released the best-selling Chance 10 Pack, which is a selection of modules utilizing chaos and probability to affect various elements of production. There are a number of great free devices available on his website – Chords in Key converts single MIDI notes into chords based on a set key, Gravity Delay is a fun ‘bouncing ball’ MIDI delay, and Autosputter is for live glitchy audio slicing, based on the old Instajungle VST.LDM Design continues to work on projects for Isotonik and his own website which will be available soon.

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