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Arpleasiator by Mike Davis

🎹 Exciting News! Introducing the Arpleasiator pack for the Novation Circuit tracks! 🎉✨ Finally, a solution to the lack of an arpeggiator option! 🥳🎛️ Now you can easily arpeggiate a note while it’s playing. 🎶

This pack features 64 dual oscillator patches, offering multiple arpeggio functions and controls. 😍🎚️ With 64 hip hop, house, and 8-bit drum and percussion samples included, the possibilities are endless! 🎧🔥

Each patch comes with 2 separate oscillators that can be voiced separately or combined at the twist of a knob. 🔄🎛️ You’ll have a whopping 128 oscillator choices in total, all moddable and transposable on the fly! 🚀💫

From dirty bass to grinding saws, twinkly plucks, and sustained pads, this pack covers a wide range of music and sound design needs. 🎵🌌 Let your creativity soar! ✨

Designed with performance in mind, the macros offer easy control over the arpeggiator and sound changes. 🎹🌀 Whether it’s turning the arpeggiator on/off, adjusting speed, voice pitch, adding drive and distortion, or even using the secret sauce knob, everything is at your fingertips! 🔈🔊

Want to elevate your jams or live performances? Simply transpose your song or loop in real-time with a couple of knob tweaks! 🔄⏭️ Push the boundaries of the Circuit tracks and take them to new heights! 🚀🎶

We poured our hearts into this pack, ensuring it becomes your go-to Circuit pack with its expansive features and variability. ❤️🌠 It’s time to unleash your full musical potential! 🎧🎹

Please note: When switching between oscillators, there might be voice stealing, but fear not! Simply turn up the drive/distortion knob (macro 8) for an extra boost. 🎛️🎚️ Use the secret sauce knob sparingly as it can drastically alter your sound (if it’s what you desire!). 🔒🔥

Get the Arpleasiator pack now and let your Circuit tracks reach new heights of musicality! 🎉💥 #NovationCircuit #ArpleasiatorPack #MusicProduction #SynthSounds

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