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  • Ableton Live DJ Collection DJ SlicerAbleton Live DJ Collection Hot Cues

    DJ Collection – DJ Hot Cues, Looping & Slicing

    Price £27.50

    The DJ Collection brings together a set of MaxforLive devices designed to mimic the feature sets of popular DVS systems like Serato & Traktor

    • DJ HotCues
    • DJ Looper
    • DJ Slicer

  • OktoPush ONE MaxforLive Ableton Live Isotonik Studios

    OktoPush ONE – Ableton Push Performance Template

    Price £27.50

    OktoPush ONE is a MaxforLive Performance Template for the Ableton Push ONE.

    The Ableton Push is possibly the most integrated Live controller out there, we wanted more though. The ability to create custom mapping whilst retaining Clip Launching ability & adding banks of control to the powerful encoders and display, OktoPush is what you've been searching for!

  • Oktopad Novation LaunchPad

    OktoPad – Novation LaunchPad Performance Template

    Price £27.50
    OktoPad is a MaxforLive Performance Template for the Novation LaunchPad & LaunchPad S Max4Live & Oktopad take control of the Novation LaunchPad or LaunchPad S whilst leaving the the default functionality intact. Using the side round buttons you can navigate between different scenes of effects and control. Oktopad is one of our most comprehensive live performance templates!  
  • Isotonik MaxforLive Performance Template AKAI APC40 MK2

    Isotonik AKAI APC40 MK2 – Performance Template

    Price £27.50

    Our best selling performance template for the AKAI APC40MK2

    Our original Isotonik template for the APC40 has been used by thousands of Ableton Live performers around the world, when the AKAI APC40 MK2  was announced we just knew it was time to update things… Here’s the result!

    As an Ableton Live Performance Template the Isotonik AKAI APC40 MK2 comes pre-configured and ready to be loaded with audio clips, you’ll be up and performing in no time extending the versatility of this fantastic controller.

  • Isotonik MaxforLive Performance Template AKAI APC40

    Isotonik AKAI APC40 MK1- Performance Template

    Price £27.50

    The original best selling performance template for the AKAI APC40MK1

    Isotonik is a fully configured DJ Template using Max4Live, it’s designed to complement Ableton Live and the Akai APC40 midi controller. With a vision to build upon the most requested features by DJ’s from around the world. Isotonik offers comprehensive looping functionality, automatic follow actions and a whole host of additional effects and controls…

    This fully featured template has become a mainstay in many an Ableton performers arsenal…

    At it’s heart is the desire to use the AKAI APC40 MK1 as a DJ Mixer. With DJ style control over EQ’s and the ability to use the APC40’s Encoders in a variety of ways…

  • SMART FIVE Product Master ThumbnailSMART FIVE

    Smart – Advanced Live Parameter Control

    Price £16.99
    UPDATED: Now LIVE 10 Compatible

    Smart is a Max4Live device that can be used to control up to 8 individual parameters at a time. Each parameter gets it's own Smart Graph where you can draw how you'd like the parameter to be modulated as the main dial is turned.

    Like Macro Mapping in an Effects Rack you can define the minimum and maximum value for the parameter range, however uniquely you can define when the parameter begins and ends reacting to a master dial being turned. You can even plot a specific path for the modulation which can also be curved…

  • Follow Scene ThumbnailModular Series Follow Actions for Arrangement View in Ableton Live

    Follow – Follow Actions for Scenes

    Price £19.99

    Follow Actions come alive when they're set automatically, especially when they can be used to trigger scenes and repeat phrases at will via MIDI!

    If you work with a band or in a Worship context then Ableton Live can be awesome to play your backing tracks, with the MaxforLive device, Follow Scene you can trigger the next scene automatically and decide on the fly whether to repeat it again.

    For the DJ & Live performer, mega sets can be created in half the time, split your clips and drop a Follow Clip device on the track and hey presto Follow actions happen automatically at the end of the clip, you won't even believe what you could achieve with Dummy Clips and Audio Effects!

  • Modular Series Isotonik FX

    Isotonik FX – Buffer Style DJ Effects

    Price £16.99

    One of the first devices we built was a MIDI mappable version of Buffer Shuffler with a twist, we wanted a Serato Slicer style effect so we could punch in the snare and have it repeat as a roll, Isotonik FX is the result of that desire!

    Beat Repeat just didn't do it well enough, it sounded sloppy and our timing was never spot on (it was mainly our timing!)

    As time has passed Slicer grew up, and got joined by a bunch of other DJ Effects, it's a bit like a Swiss Army Knife, with the Slicer effect reborn theres also the ability to Rewind the Audio or have it Brake like a turntable. We've really maximised the controls for any MIDI Controller with 8 encoders and 8 buttons, something like the Novation LaunchControl would be perfect!

  • Follow Scene ThumbnailSMART FIVE Product Master Thumbnail

    Modular Series – Follow, Smart, Looper, Isotonik FX

    Price £30.00
    UPDATED: Follow SCENE & SMART now compatible with Live 10!

    The Modular Series consists of essential Max4Live Utilities for Ableton Live, Follow Actions for Scenes, On the Fly Looping, SMART FX and More...