MaxforLive MIDI Devices

MaxforLive MIDI Devices can be used upon any MIDI track within Ableton Live.

As a general rule MIDI Devices should be placed to the left of any MIDI Instruments or VST’s. MIDI Devices can be used to effect the MIDI that is received from the piano roll within a MIDI Clip. Our MaxforLive MIDI Devices consist of Sequencers and MIDI Editing tools.

MIDI Sequencers

If the MIDI Device itself is a Sequencer then this can be used to play an instrument. Alternatively the MIDI created can be routed to a separate MIDI Track and then recorded into new clips for later use.

MIDI Editors

By using the Ableton Live API the MIDI devices can also edit the actual MIDI Notes and Velocities within a MIDI Clip. As such MaxforLive MIDI Devices can be used to create completely new sequences that are recorded directly into clips.

MaxforLive is an extension for Ableton Live and is available separately or as part of Ableton Live Suite.

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  • Alexkid Bundle B Thumbnail Maxforlive

    Alexkid – Sequencer Bundle B

    Are you ready for some more Alexkid Goodness?

    When the first bundle went stellar there was nothing else to do but to ask Alexkid to deliver more. So here we are with four more inspirational MaxforLive Sequencers to embellish your productivity!

    Developer: Alexkid | Compatibility: Ableton 10leton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed | OS: Mac & Windows | Minimum Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential

  • Pong Deluxe MaxforLive MIDI Sequencer

    Pong Deluxe

    Atari's Classic Re-Born as a Sequencer

    Pong Deluxe is the Free introduction to the Arcade Series collection of MaxforLive Generative Sequencers from Ableton Certified Trainer Mark Towers.

    Developer: Mark Towers | Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5 | Live 10+ | OS: Mac & Windows | Minimum Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential