Coffee & Beats Volume ONE

Get your brew on


With one of the most prolific outputs of tutorials for getting the most out of the Novation Circuit, BoBeats was an obvious choice for our line up of Circuit Artists… We hope you’ll love his Coffee & Beats series as much as we do… Here’s what Bo has to say about it himself…

The idea behind this Novation Circuit pack is flexibility! Each sound can be used in many ways and fill more than one role. The sounds are not defined by genre, instead they encourage exploration. My hope is that they will inspire you! / Bo from Bobeats

Developer: BOBEATS
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+



A Pack of 32 Patches to include individual and a single bank file…

1. Glass Pitch – bell like lead sound with some crazy pitch modulations to create almost percussive elements.

2. Church Lead – lead sound that could double as pads/keys. Modulations focused on creating movement to chords.

3. Coffee Lead 2 – Light and fun lead sound with some swirly modulations.

4. Bass & Lead 1 – works just as well for bass as for lead. Modulations can create some deep gnarly feels.

5. Bass & Lead 2 – a more harsh variation of the Bass & Lead.

6. Bell Pad Lead – Can double as lead & pad sound, and macros can make it go from light and soft to harsh

7. Bell Pad Lead 2 – a more vibrant version.

8. Bell Pad Lead 3 – a more lush version.

9. Big Chords – A pitched chord sound

10. Big Chords 2 – this got more of an organ feel to it.

11. BoBass 1 – A rough bass sound

12. BoBass 2 – A more gnarly twisted version.

13. Coffee Lead 1 – A mellow lead with some modulations suited for chords

14. Coffee Pad 1 – A soft pad sound with some macros to make it a tad more aggressive

15. Fever Bass 2 – A some what aggressive bass sound with nice sound shaping macros

16. Fever Bass 3 – A more aggressive version of the Fever Bass.

17. Fever Bass – Deep and feverish!

18. Fever Bells – Soft to the touch and vibrant.

19. Fever Keys – Keys, pad or bass! A jack of all trades.

20. Fever Lead – a soft dream turning dark by the twist of a knob.

21. KeyPad – keys and pad sound in one, just turn the knobs to hear it morph between keys and a more drawn out sound.

22. KeyPad 2 a variation of the KeyPad.

23. Knaster Pad – A soft pad that is turned to life with the power of macros

24. Knaster Pad 2 – a more organ like version of the Knaster Pad.

25. Lead Pad 1 – A clean lead sound that you can break down with the macros.

26. Lead Pad 2

27. Metallic Chords – robots have taken over the macros!

28. Whiskey Bass 1 – give this bass too much macro and it gets hammered.

29. Solo Lead – a nice lead sound perfect for that main melody

30. Whiskey Bass 2

31. Smaug Bass – a deep bass that sound some what like another

synthesizer brand. The pronunciation of said brand is often debated.

32. Jungle Birds – turn the macro knobs and make the Jungle Birds sing!


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  1. Use either Components standalone or Components browser version.
  2. Unzip the file and look for the COMPONENTS folder.
  3. Inside that folder you will find the FULL PACK file which contains SESSIONS SAMPLES PATCHES. Remember that this will overwrite any existing
  4. sessions, samples and patches you have on the Circuit so be sure to back up.
  5. Go to Components and click OPEN PACK and locate the FULL PACK file.
  6. If you just want the patches OR the samples OR the sessions look up the components file named sessions, samples or patches.
  7. Use Components to load the data you want. You do this under CHANGE CONTENT for sessions/patches/samples respectively and choose UPLOAD function.



Bobeats is a synthesizer and music production focused Youtube channel. He has made over 90 videos about the Novation Circuit. His in-depth knowledge of the Circuit has led to two soundpacks that you can find here on Isotonik Studios patch store.

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