NED's BACK, and this pack marks the first since he left his day job to become full time NED!!

Wacky Reverbs is An Ableton Live Pack of experimental custom reverbs, ambient drone generators and a shimmer reverb.

Travel from one abstract acoustic space to another with a single twist of a dial.

Transport instantly from one dimension to another and experience the sonic interpolations.

These racks will add texture and character to melodic elements, or will put your drum sounds inside the worlds largest iron cave.



Following on from the success of the LDM ROLI BLOCKS Pack ONE, LDM Design has been hard at work created another stellar release of four new apps for the versatile MIDI controller.

Bjorklund is a euclidean sequencer with 6 channels. Each channel can have up to 24 steps for the total length. The number of pulses within those steps are spread out as evenly as possible across the sequence according to the Bjorklund euclidean algorithm. Many traditional drum patterns across the world use what could be described as euclidean patterns.

Chance is a 16 step, 6 track sequencer which includes mute and solo controls for live manipulation.

Pentagome is inspired by the Polygome monome device. The app allows instant transposition of up to 5 different programmable sequences. Set to a specific scale, a set pattern can be played from up to 20 different notes, and responds to pressure and slide. Each pattern can then be latched on while preserving the pressure and slide values, while you can play a new pattern on the grid. Each pattern can be set with a dynamic pattern length which can include empty steps.

And finally Pressulator is inspired by the Korg Kaossilator. Play through a scale by sliding your finger across the block.


Noiss Coko Return With Their Latest Pack Of Maxorlive Devices For Ableton Live, If You Liked Repeat & Simpler Pro You’ll Love These!​

The Movers features four paired Max for Live devices, designed as control tools for both Live and external parameters

Add expression by easily targeting single parameters inside your Live set, or give these modulation sources any of the available MIDI message formats and take control over other external instruments.

SONG:MODE V2 - KB Live Solutions

KB Live solutions SONG:MODE for the Ableton Push and Novation Launchpad has had a massive update and now supports arrangement as well as session view.

With a simple mode giving you a pad per scene or arrangement view locator you can jump around your live set at will, without having to worry about furiously navigating with the arrow buttons.

The new Advanced mode allow you to add song numbers to the scene or locator name, each song is then grouped together with the top half of the button matrix selecting the song and the bottom half available to trigger the scenes or locators within the song.

Spellbook Enneagram Infographic

THE SPELL BOOK by Hypnus Records

The Spellbook is a Max for Live device inspired by sacred geometry. It converts esoteric symbols into LFO signals, enabling you to weave the fabric of nature into your projects.

Spellbook outputs 8 mappable modulation signals based on the X/Y position of a dot moving along the lines of the chosen shape. Each output can be assigned to two parameters, increasing its potential outputs to 16.

We have enabled automation for most parameters, making advanced internal and external modulations possible. With some settings, these can go quite far into the audio rate.