Sonic Horizons

The Debut from Emynona


Sonic Horizons is the follow up to Mind Travellers from Emynona! 64 Patches / 16 Sessions / 64 Samples it’s a massive pack for the Novation Circuit.

This pack was designed for the Novation Circuit to be my most complete with enough musical and sonic variations in a Downtempo/ Psy-chill mood, a pack that can end up being used in many different type of situations.

Developer: Emynona
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+



This pack was designed for the Novation Circuit to be my most complete with enough musical and sonic variations in a Downtempo/ Psy-chill mood, a pack that can end up being used in many different type of situations.

The first page contains 8 Basses Mono, 8 Basses Polyphonic and 16 Polyphonic Pads/Movement (17-32)

The second page contains the Leads/FX & is organized in a very particular way. The page is split in 2 on the vertical. Left patches are Monophonic Auto-Glide (with access to the Portamento) and at the right are the Polyphonic patches (With motion macro instead of the portamento).

The page is split on the Horizontal in 4 lines for 4 types of filters. From top to the bottom : -24dB LowPass Filter, -12dB LowPass Filter, -12dB BandPass Filter and a -24dB HighPass Filter on the lower line.

The Macro knobs are standardized all the way through the pack, with very small variations depending on the nature of the patch. First, and the most important, there are 6 macro knobs that are ALWAYS the same (the modulation change, not the trigger) :

1 – Filter Cut-off (set to stop right on the self oscillation)

2 – Filter Resonance (same as Filter, set to stop right on the self oscillation)

4 – Motion macro

6 – Linked with Noise (but always in motion)

7 – Chorus FX lvl (Alway set as a Flanger or Phaser FX)

8 – Distortion level

Then there are small variations dependent on the patch chosen :

  • Mono Bass : 3 is Attack / 5 is Decay and Sustain linked
  • Poly Bass : 3 is Attack / 5 is Release
  • Mono-AG Lead/FX : 5 is Portamento with a soft Noise lvl
  • Pads and Poly lead : 3 and 5 macro are 2 other kind of motion/modulation that can be crossed and  automated through the Circuit workflow. The sound can be turn dry

Of course every patch can be used in another way and are mainly set like this for the design of the Macro, the top of the bass can play lead, the lower of the lead can be very good bass etc…

This gigantic Novation Circuit Pack comes complete with 16 Sessions and 64 Samples as standard (with a further batch of both as a bonus in the download!)

Mono-Bass 1-8

1 Dooby : Soft warm Mono bass with a doobdoob LFO

2 Woobly : Soft aggressive with a nice wobble modulation

3 Suspence : Delayed LFO that create long move

4 DarkPulse : Metalic V-synch screaming bass

5 Motion : Heavily Pulsated Bass

6 HappyAcid : Funky acidHouse with Major LFO modulation

7 Termina : Really felt Carpenter looking at me while doing this one

8 Rising : Soft move in the wave giving nice up ’n down

Poly-Bass 9-16 

9 SoPoly : Super Saw LFO poly bass with nice spectrum

10 Sideral : Was somewhere around alpha centaury while doing that one

11 FromZeDeep : the Note that come from inside

12 Abyss : Exploring Marianne’s Deep

13 Mad : Exploring Harkkham

14  MoonLanding : Epic and tense

15 Talky : The bass that speak to you while you play

16 Pumpy : Super popopo resonating bass

Pad-Movement 17-32

17 Warp : A nice moving pad that cross dimensions

18 SpaceCithar : Very Indi inspired

19 Soft : This mad movement is actually very pleasant played softly

20 Snorkling : Don’t forget you swimming suite

21 Snappy : a sweet string pad that turn into a snappy LFO bounce

22 Rsh : I just love the Rand S/H LFO Filter

23 Pumping : A pad that pump the air

24 Pedal : Name from the LFO wave used in that patch

25 NoName : some kind of weirdness synth can do but we can’t name

26 LostinSpace : If you wonder I’m a lot Cosmo-inspired … And often lost too

27 J&H : Doctor Jeckyl play music

28 Glitter : shinny brighty … glitters …

29 Dizzy : I feel I gonna fall down that damn cliff

30 Deep : A very deeeeeep percussive sound

31 DaBlobby : A sweet string pad that go bloblboblbo

32 Badass : A string move with some gater rising mod

Lead/FX – Mono AG, -24dB LPF (33-36)

33 KenKessey : One fly over the nest

34 DelayMe : Lovely WT lead that move from front to back depend on the macro

35 Circuiteery : Having fun with one of those circuit LFO seq and WT

36 MadRun : A run for you life out of town

Lead/FX – Poly, -24dB LPF (37-40)

37 NotSoSoft : A soft deep sound that still take a huge place

38 Sylgelis : Approching silence conquering the paradise

39 SideralWind : This space echo from Giant red getting to your navigation system

40 1VoicePoly : Your circuit is starting to swear …

Lead/FX – Mono AG, -12dB LPF (41-44)

41 Screamy : walala wouloulou waaaaaaa

42 BeastWithin : Some freaky creature’s roaring in that patch

43 NotanAngel : this bright lead hide a nasty modulation

44 Veloci : Crazy lead with very nice velocity response

Lead/FX – Poly, -12dB LPF (45-48)

45 MyFairyTale : A clear and sweet pulse

46 Oppressor : Have a look in the low … that sound wont let you sleep

47 EvilSub : The unexpected LFO that drawn the sound into a terrific sub

48 Glochspiel : Behind this nasty mod there actually is a lovely chimes sound … the name stayed

Lead/FX – Mono AG, -12d BPF (48-52)

49 TranceCore : Now your circuit start to blow smoke

50 GotaBike : the longest bicycle ride a man ever done, thank you Mr Albert

51 Meet@Boom : Super laser classical

52 RedPills : Or was it the Blue one ?

Lead/FX – Poly, -12dB BPF (53-56)

53 PolyGlot : Very complex patch that can speak various languages. Like the Glochspiel

54 BluePill : Or was it the red one ? I never remember

55 AldousXley : This patch stand right behind his door

56 11Dimensions : The violence of quantic reality

Lead/FX – Mono AG, -24d HPF (57-60)

57 Error404 : Brain not found

58 Carbon : Graham’s phone call

59 DarkPulse : a nasty dark sound coming on top of a poor lead that is just here to scream in the mod

60 CrazyDecay : A very complexe decay mod that require to master the AG play

Lead/FX – Poly, -24dB HPF (61-64)

61 Scrouik : guess what sound that patch … a clue : it’ s written in the name

62 CrazyOrgan :  This is not the Great organ of Saint Eustache

63 Rumble : FX generator

64 NBSuperPWM : Shameless patch to please a certain « N.B » with overall abuse of PWM


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  1. Use either Componentsstandalone or Components browser version.
  2. Unzip the Coffee & Beats Volume 2 file and look for the COMPONENTS folder.
  3. Inside that folder you will find the FULL PACK file which contains SESSIONS SAMPLES PATCHES. Remember that this will overwrite any existing sessions, samples and patches you have on the Circuit so be sure to back up.
  4. Go to Components and click OPEN PACK and locate the FULL PACK file.
  5. If you just want the patches OR the samples OR the sessions look up the components file named sessions, samples or patches.
  6. Use Components to load the data you want. You do this under CHANGE CONTENT for sessions/patches/samples respectively and choose UPLOAD function.
  7. If you are unsure how you can use this Bobeats Tutorial. Note that it is for an older version of Components but most things are correct still: CLICK HERE