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Synth Foundations by Techtronix

"Bring the beat back"


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Synthwave without question, with an 80’s stamp. Synth foundations brings and era and authenticity to the tracks not seen before with patches modelled on real synthesizers and drums made for not only 80s but synthwave and vapourwave. Synth foundations brings you an era not forgotten whilst still bringing the heat in any modern enviroment.
COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks (Please Note: Not Compatible with OG Novation Circuit)
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Tracks (This Pack is not compatible with OG Circuit!)
Synth Foundations Novation Circuit Tracks Pack by Techtronix
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Synth Foundations by Techtronix

Synth Foundations is a time machine that will transport you back to the 80’s, where lies the very inception of electronic music as we know it.

With a synthwave twist and drums that fall perfectly into place, Synth Foundations will leave you making both nostalgic and forward thinking music, leaving you wanting nothing more than time with your Circuit Tracks.

64 patches in total with 17 modelled on the real synthesizers. Bringing a nostalgic feelto both the macros and sound, whilst still leaving room
for patches that pack a punch and have become staples of modern music. This pack takes big inspiration from Vapourwave.
This is a genre often compared to Synthwave but has a more experimental and psychedelic sound.
You will find yourself at home making 80’s music film track scores, synthwave and vapourwave all day long.

Perfect for anyone looking to add some authentic sounding flair to their Tracks, whilst retaining a high level or mixing.
Whether you’re a seasoned producer who knows their synths or your just starting out this pack has you covered.

Step right into that 80’s vibe and Start creating your own retro masterpieces with your Novation Circuit Tracks!”


  • 64 patches
  • 17 Real Synthesizer Modelled patches Including:
    • Juno 60 poly / Juno 60 Mono
    • Roland D20 poly / Roland D20 Mono
    • Prophet Rev 2 poly / Prophet Rev 2 Mono
    • Yamaha DX7 poly / DX7 Mono
    • Oberheim poly / Oberheim Mono
    • Korg M1
    • Yamaha CS80 /CS80 Mono
    • TB303 Mono Only
    • Behringer Neutron Mono only
    • MiniMoog Mono Only
    • Hydrasynth
  • 64 samples
    • 8 live kicks
    • 8 electronic kicks
    • 8 live snares
    • 8 live perc sounds
    • 8 electronic perc sounds
    • 8 crash effects
    • 16 vocal sounds
  • 8 inspiring sessions to get those juices flowing!

There’s also mono versions of the applicable patches as the macros are setup to do different things in mono such as portamento…

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