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Culto is an audio software project founded by Massimiliano Cerioni in 2020, which aims to provide new sonic possibilities to sound designers.

In 2021 it released the M4L device Simbiosi, a multi-mode modulation delay.

Cerioni is an Italian composer, sound-art performer, sound designer, and sound engineer, winner of the Claudio Abbado award, currently living in Berlin.

Cerioni uses coding to process sounds and visuals for solo and collaborative projects.

He creates acousmatic and electroacoustic music, audiovisuals, sonifications, and sound-art installations and performances. Also, he teaches Max and leads independent research projects in DSP and musical instrument design.

He graduated in electronic music at the Casella conservatory under the direction of Michelangelo Lupone. From 2014 to 2018, The CRM of Rome commissioned him with two compositions for dance, an installation and a performance, premiered at the Artescienza festival in collaboration with the National Academy of Dance and the Goethe Institut Rom. In 2014 He was featured in the ICMC in Athens.

Cerioni won the 1st prize at the Claudio Abbado arts prize in 2015. In 2017 he presented his electroacoustic monochord Metastring at the Tempo Reale center in Florence.

In 2019 he was a resident artist at the EMS in Stockholm and a guest of the Italian Institute of Culture Lerici. In 2021 his AV work Asleep? was featured in the Psychedelic Film and Music Festival in NYC. During the same year, he was a resident artist at SCOPE BLN in Berlin, where he presented his multimedia works Inner landscape and Rebirthing. In December of 2022, Cycling’74 commissioned him to create a gen~ patch, for which he implemented the two-species competition model Lotka-Volterra for synthesizing sound.

In 2023, the same project took part in the Radius Collective Exhibition Underline at the Midway Studios gallery of Boston, titled Two Species Competition-Cooperation Model.




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