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  • Dephaultz Rack Pack PerforModule Ableton Live Pack MorphDephaultz Rack Pack PerforModule Ableton Live Pack Waveshaper

    Dephaultz Rack Pack – Workflow Enhancing Default Settings

    Price £8.99

    The Dephaultz Rack Pack now consists of 99 effect racks that give you the basic range of controls for every core function built into Ableton Live 9.7’s built-in audio effects, with relevant parameters mapped to the 8 macros to give ultimate flexibility coupled with precision.

    The pack includes every single audio effect that is available with Ableton Live 9 Standard and Suite. Some of the effects have one rack which covers its complete functionality. Many effects, however, have different dephault racks to supply different primary capability types.

    It is recommended to make your own set of default racks for each effect and this download saves you the grunt work with a cohesive set.

  • Mars Planetary Convolution - Reverb Impulses from PerforModule - Ableton Live PackPluto Planetary Convolution - Reverb Impulses from PerforModule - Ableton Live Pack

    Planetary Convolution – MaxforLive Convolution Reverb

    Price £11.99

    Planetary Convolution is a pack of Reverb Impulse Responses for Ableton Live each based on a planet (including dwarf planets!) of our Solar System.

  • Performodule Niche Collection Ableton Live Packs Drum Enhancerz

    Drum Enhancerz – Live Effect Racks for Drums

    Price £11.99
    Drum Enhancerz are Ableton Live Effect Racks specially suited for specific drum instruments designed by PerforModule these are Essential!
  • performoducussion toygearsperformoducussion brokwurl


    Price £11.99

    performoducussion A continually-expanding series of percussion instruments set up into interesting instrument racks. As more instruments are created, the pack will be updated for free. Each set of instruments is crafted with its own custom macro controls and routing leading to specialized functionalities. Miscellaneous other content is also included. When we release the tenth instrument we'll start volume two!

  • Testy MasteringTesty Mastering Filtering

    Testy Mastering

    Price £11.99

    Testy Matering is a single Ableton Live rack that can be used for test mastering or pre-mastering, as well as a rack for adding dynamics to over-mastered material.

    • A super-rack comprised of 6 sub-modules used for complete pre- or test mastering.
    • Includes template set for immediate mastering including slots for reference songs.
    • Robust tutorial in the lesson view giving workflow example to walk you through mastering.
    • Polish your mix up for soundcloud, the club floor, or for your mastering engineer.
    • Dial in a respectable final loudness level which doesn’t over squash natural dynamics.
    • Discover flaws in your own process. Learn, refine, and grow.
    • Also includes dynamic-contrast-increasing “unmastering” rack.

  • pmx fx harpegiattorpmx fx strumtrain

    PMX FX

    Price £16.50

    PMX FX is made up of Ableton Live racks for adding pseudo-realistic functions to different instrument types.

    • Includes updated versions of racks originally packaged alongside various PMX-300 instruments plus brand new racks.
    • 15 Audio Effects designed for Drums, Bass, Ambient, Pads, Mallets, Guitars, Harpsichords, Organs, Experimental, Pianos, Plucked, Rhythmic, Brass, Strings, & Woodwinds.
    • 4 MIDI Effects which add supplemental functionality to guitar, bass guitar, & harp instruments.
    • Plus a Container Instrument with filter which follows played input notes.

  • Ableton Live Packs Niche Collection Bussification Master BusAbleton Live Pack Niche Collection Guitaritis Performodule Collection Four

    Niche Collection – Purposeful Oddities

    Price £55.00
    The Niche Collection consists of Ableton Live Packs which are unique tools designed for specific uses.
    • Instrument processing
    • Sound design
    • Live performance...

    Checkout the Full Contents in the accordions below!

  • PerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way SplytterPerforModule Clinicality Collection Two Advanced Splytterz 5 Way Splytter

    Clinicality Collection – Technical Tools

    Price £55.00

    The Clinicality Collection includes Ableton Live packs for​ technical tasks, workflow optimization, templates, non-audio devices. Consisting of nine previously available PerforModule Live Packs this is a bargain Mega pack!

    • Advanced Splytterz
    • Amplitude Operands
    • Dephaultz Rack Pack
    • Groovification 1 & 2
    • Harmonicality
    • Note Range Setters
    • Testy Mastering
    • TranzMuterz & Electorz

  • DynaMixing Ultimate PerforModule Ableton Live PackDynaMixing Ultimate PerforModule Dynamixing Three Ableton Live Pack Auto Sculptor

    DynaMixing Ultimate

    Price £55.00

    PerforModule's entire curated collection of audio effect racks designed for mixing, including all devices from the previous packs DynaMixing One through Five, Ionic FX, and continuing brand-new racks. Many of the devices feature signal-reactivity to enhance their capabilities.

    In All there's well over 70 themed Ableton Live racks within this pack, we've divided them in to their use case below and you'll see a full description of each within the accordions. Each device is fully annoyed as well so you can simply drop it into a track and then open Lives help view to get further insight on how to use it.

  • TranzMuterz & Electorz PerforModule Collection TWOperformodule-ableton-live-pack-tranzmuterz-and-electorz-TranzMuterz

    TranzMuterz & Electorz – Cut & Switch Racks

    Price £11.99

    TranzMuterz & Electorz, Ableton Live racks designed for easy creation of your own custom multi-instrument and multi-effect "selector" racks.

  • PerforModule Niche Collection Ableton Live Pack One Knob WondersPerforModule Collection TWO One Knob Wonders

    One Knob Wonders – Audio FX

    Price £27.50

    Animus Invidious brings the latest set of 64 single-knob effects racks each designed for a specific purpose, ranging from performance effects to mixing tools One Knob Wonders is the Ableton Live Pack that just keeps giving!

    Each One-Knob Wonder effect rack has just a single macro control. Simply twist the knob to find the ideal position for the desired purpose, and always feel free to automate for added suave and precision. Generally, the effects are disabled (100% dry) at their default position.

  • PerforModule Collection Two Advanced SplytterzPerforModule Collection Two Advanced Splytterz Time

    Advanced Splytterz – Racks to Divide Audio

    Price £22.00

    In this latest instalment of PerforModule genius we present a suite of tools that split an audio stream by various methods. The primary usage of Advanced Splytterz is for the ability to apply different effects to the different split channels, but they can also be extremely useful just for soloing bands to listen to a particular channel.

    E.g. you could solo specific frequency bands during mastering to uncover illicit resonances, or you could solo the side channel to hear only the sides channel audio material.

  • Ableton Live Pack Groovification One Performodule Groove Pool

    Groovification – Groove Pool Live Pack

    Price £11.99

    Groovification is a pack of Ableton Live grooves that can transform static boring loops and give them back their swing!

    PerforModule locked himself away and got out his spreadsheet, the challenge to come up with a pack of grooves that can transform static boring loops and give them back their swing! Within the Groovification Ableton Live Pack download, which installs directly into your library, are a wealth of groove files based around three distinct flavours:

    • Mathematical Grooves
    • Breakfill Grooves
    • Quantize Grooves
  • PerforModule Collection TWO Ionic FX SpacePerforModule Collection TWO Ionic FX

    Ionic FX – Artificially Intelligent Effects

    Price £22.00

    Ionic FX uses MaxforLive to provide dynamic feedback to the controls in each rack so you can dial in your favourite settings, sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that what ever audio you feed them you'll get the desired result.

  • Performodule Niche Collection Ableton Live Packs Uno Plus SeriesPerformodule Collection ONE Ableton Live Packs Uno Plus

    Uno Plus Series – One Knob Effect Racks

    Price £11.99
    The Uno PLUS Series are Ableton Live Racks designed to get even more out of your audio in a myriad of ways with a total of 77 effect racks
  • PerforModule Note Range Setters Ableton Live PackPerforModule Note Range Setters Ableton Live Pack

    Note Range Setters – Filter, Block & Divert MIDI Notes

    Price £11.99

    The Note Range Setters by PerforModule are a suite of midi racks within an Ableton Live Pack which filter incoming notes for an assortment of instrument & vocal ranges, plus tools for making custom note ranges. Implement a note range simply by dropping it before any instrument...

  • Ableton Live Clinicality Pack Harmonicality PerforModuleAbleton Live Pack Harmonicality PerforModule

    Harmonicality – Melodic Enhancement of Audio

    Price £11.99
    The Harmonicality Ableton Live Pack is full of Audio effect and MIDI racks designed for enhancing and manipulating harmonics by various methods.
  • GuitaritisAbleton Live Pack Guitaritis Performodule

    Guitaritis – Amp & Stomp Boxes for Guitars

    Price £25.99


    Guitaritis for Live 10

    Includes 8 new “stomper” racks using the functionality of Live 10’s new Pedal, Echo, and Drum Buss effects. In addition, all of the combamp and stomper racks have been gone over, re-tested and re-calibrated with various signal flow and interface optimizations.

    Stomper Fuzzer
    Stomper Muncher
    Stomper Scruncher
    Stomper O'Dirt
    Stomper Stortion
    Stomper C-Delay
    Stomper D-Delay
    Stomper T-Delay

    Guitaritis is a deluxe suite of combo amp racks for electric guitar and electric bass guitar making the utmost of Live's built-in Amp and Cabinet devices, plus "Stomper" effects designed like guitar pedals and guitar Chord presets.

  • Ableton Live Pack Groovification Two PerformodulePerforModule Clinicality Collection Three Ableton Live Pack Groovification Two Performodule Groove Pool

    Groovification TWO – Groove Pool Live Pack

    Price £11.99

    Groovification TWO is an awesome collection of "Chopper" groove files for Ableton Live. Included are quarter, eighth, and sixteenth-note patterns.

  • PerforModule Amplitude Operands Ableton Live Pack SpecialPerforModule Amplitude Operands Ableton Live Pack Utillity

    Amplitude Operands – Utility Presets

    Price £11.99

    Amplitude Operands, a Live pack of Utility presets to enable you to divide or multiply levels by Sound Pressure, Acoustic Intensity or Perceived Loudness.

  • Ableton Live Packs Niche Collection Bussification Master BusAbleton Live Packs Bussification Kitcore Bus

    Bussification – Live Racks for Busses

    Price £27.50

    Bussification is an Ableton Live pack created by the genius of PerforModule, it consists of a series of channel strips designed to be placed on groups of tracks, auxiliary busses, and the master channel, each with its own specific set of parameter ranges.