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Planetary Convolution by PerforModule

MaxforLive Convolution Reverb


A set of thirteen Convolution Reverb presets based on planetary objects in our solar system, crafted using Live’s built-in reverb algorithms, re-sculpted into pristine impulse responses. Includes IR files in .aif format as well as pre-built Ableton Live Effect Racks, each with their own custom effects built especially for them.

COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live 10 Standard with MaxforLive Installed










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    Our Products are generally provided as Zip file downloads which in all cases will need to be extracted and saved to your hard drive prior to installation. Details on the different file type provided and what to do with them are below.

    .alp Files – These are Ableton Live Packs and will install directly into the Packs Section of the browser of Ableton Live. When you double click on them you will see a pop up window asking you to confirm that installation is ok as the files are described as “Legacy”. This is fine and you are ok to proceed, the packs are created using the format for an earlier version of Live and so remain compatible with the current version.

    .amxd files – These are individual MaxforLive Devices and can be stored anywhere on your hard drive. We’d advise creating a folder for them and then adding that folder as a location within the Places section of Lives Browser.

    Control Surface Scripts – Please refer to the individual User Guides provided with your download, an abridged version of the installation will be shown further down this page.

    ClyphX Pro – Please refer directly to the manual and installation video for this specific product.

    Novation Circuit Packs – These are provided as individual Sysex Files and as a complete bank file. All are to be installed using a version of the Circuit Editor and not via Novations Components back up utility.

    Planetary Convolution by PerforModule

    Distinct flavors of reverb based on the astronomical theme of planetary bodies.

    The Impulse Responses – Includes thirteen LR and one MS .aif impulse response which are used for the Planetary Convolution racks. You can feel free to use the raw IRs with any convolution loading plugin or DAW directly, or load up the custom racks in Ableton Live for extra functionality.

    Shorter IRs:

    • Earth — 750ms
    • Eris — 430ms
    • Makemake — 209ms
    • Mars — 1.07sec
    • Mercury — 720ms
    • Pluto — 270ms
    • Venus — 770ms

    Longer IRs:

    • Ceres — 1.87sec
    • Haumea — 4.19sec
    • Jupiter — 25.93sec
    • Neptune — 1.23sec
    • Saturn — 3.4sec
    • Uranus — 2.06sec

    The Ableton Live Effect Racks – Expand Ableton Live 9’s Convolution Reverb capabilites in your production library beyond the built-in(s)  with thirteen new distinct flavors. These Audio Effect Racks automatically load their associated Planetary Convolution IRs upon being opened, with built-in macro mapping to key parameters as well as special effect controls which do something unique for each planet. Each rack has seven common controls, which include the essential dry/wet control, a tone knob which sculpts a different custom EQ curvature for each planet, distance, pre-delay, chorus, and stereo width. The custom effects, one for each planet, are…

    • Gravel
    • Dirt
    • Eccentric
    • Anger
    • Liquid
    • Interior
    • Scorch
    • Jagged Bloom
    • Oblong
    • Rings Twirl
    • Storm Swirl
    • Frost
    • Vapor

    For Use In Other DAWs – The IRs were created by using Ableton’s built-in reverb with custom-crafted settings built from scratch for each planet, then further filtered and effected. Due to their digital source nature and lack of noise or gating, the decay tails of the these IRs are extremely smooth. In a way, these IRs may provide one with access to Ableton’s reverb algorithm (to limited extent) in other DAWs.

    What Is Convolution Reverb Good For… And Why Planets? – Convolution reverbs can be ideal for imposing “the feel of a particular place” on an audio source. While effective at shifting the vibe of an ambiance, due to their lack of adaptivity, they do tend to impart a bit of a “cold” feeling. Since space measures very cold, and most of our planets (so far as we can tell) appear devoid of life, the feel of the cold, desolate, lonely void of space seemed like a perfect setting for convolution processing.

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