PMX FX by PerforModule

Inspired by the Casio PX Series Keyboard

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Various racks for adding pseudo-realistic functions to different instrument types.Includes a combined set of all the Effect Racks which came with the original PMX-300 Instrument Packs that were released in various places around the web, plus brand new racks in the same vein of emulating functions of real instruments.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite


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    11 March 2022

    – Live 11 version now available; rack knob arrangements optimized.


    5 June 2018

    Maintenance update, cosmetic polishing.

    Final Live 9 update.


    PMX FX by PerforModule

    Live 11 version now available!

    A set of Audio Effect Racks designed for applying to specific digital instrument types, giving them various new capabilities reminiscent of their phsyical counterparts. While intended for played MIDI instruments, these can be applied to pre-existing patterns or loops with equal proficiency. Audio devices include…

    Attack Room – Straddling a paradox, it enhances both transients and sustain, helping things sound “bigger” but also more “in your face”.

    Bass Texturizer – Helps give bass guitar and synth instruments a punchy metallic texture to counteract muddy blur.

    Brasher – Thinking of brass instruments you want to be bright and forthright, it’s designed to boost the specific frequencies the human ear perceives as harsh.

    Creamy PadWasher – Combination FM and chorusing, nice for adding dimension to electric keyboard patches.

    Butterfly Tremolo – Groovy for mallet instruments such as marimba, this emulates passing the sound through rotating valves and moving water.

    ComboAmp – Guitar amp model switcher, honed. Each amp stays at the same calibrated gain as you switch between models, and has its own custom supplementary EQ curve.

    Funky Auto Wah – Funky squank for your guitar. Cool on keys too.

    KeyPlunk – A missing element from a lot of synth sounds compared to miked keyboards is the sound of the physical keys themselves (particularly prevalent on clavs).

    Leslee Rotary – A meticulously-crafted rack for ogans (or anything) which implements the classic “rotating speaker” effect. Authentic features beyond simple tremolo include tube preamp, dual rotation motors for dual speakers, and creamy doppler effect.

    MS TremoGlitcher – Meant for experimental purposes, provides trippy mind- and stereo-expanding glitchy weirdness.

    Piano Reverb – Adds in chromatic resonance similar to that caused by the strings in the body of a piano for a characteristic lush & somewhat creepy sound.

    Pluck Space – A modulated-stereo reverberation effect which also sculpts the tone with extra texture, optimized for plucked string instruments such as harp.

    Rhythmic ResoBumper – Crafted with arpeggiated or sequenced patterns in mind, this adds variety by making use of “quantize” function of Auto Filters to apply stepped, synced, rhythmic filter resonance jump patterns.

    Slowww – Meant for augmenting downy, sustained, pad sounds. It’s a big reverb embedded with three types of modulation for smoothly mutating ambience.

    Wind Pipe – Automating this can help to add in some of the breathy sounds caused by a physical human blowing through an instrument.

    MIDI Stuff:

    Includes one instrument template rack, the Zoink Container, which features the Zoink Filter, which follows its resonance point along with the MIDI notes you play. Drop any instrument into a Zoink Container to use a Zoink Filter with it.

    Also includes these MIDI Effect racks for guitar & plucked type instruments:

    12-String – Adds higher octave doubled notes according to a standard 12-string guitar’s layout.

    Bass Octaver – Add in a lower octave to the sound, optimized for bass to scale the impact by source note.

    Harpeggiator – A fun effect for generating arpeggios just by holding down one or more MIDI keys and adjusting the macros.

    Strumtain – Changes note groups which trigger simultaneously to instead play as strummed.

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