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Drum Enhancerz by PerforModule

Live Effect Racks for Drums


Augment drum mixing prowess with custom effect racks suited for enhancing drum microphone recordings, drum rack chains, or loop layers. Provides five main effect racks, each with custom parameters suited for a drum type, plus two special-function racks, including a sweet sub generator which works using Ableton native effects only.
Developer: PerforModule
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5+ | Live 10 | Live 11
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Suite 9.75+


Live 11 version now available!

Drum Enhancerz are Ableton Live Effect Racks specially suited for specific drum instruments.

Each Drum Enhancer rack provides a helpful toolset for tasteful mixing of a particular drum type. While formulated with multi-mic drum recordings in mind, they may also be useful for mixing programmed parts, loops, or using on individual drum rack chains.

Includes five Enhancer racks which each each have unique controls suited for various drum mic sources: cymbals, kicks, overheads, snares, or toms.

Enhance Cymbals  Can massively sculpt colour and character. Use carefully. Also useful for shakers and other percussion with a lot of top-end.

Enhance Kicks – Designed to boost the sensation of power without eating up too much headoom, and while retaining and enhancing the all-important attack.

Enhance Overheads – Cleanly smash and sculpt to pull our a kit’s caharacter. Can also be useful for room mics or drum loops.

Enhance Snares – Gives something extra to snares or claps which need to bite through a mix a bit more clearly.

Enhance Toms – Useful for any low- to mid-range, long-decay drum type (including timpani, conga, djembe, etc.), with a tuneable resonating surface enhancement.

Also includes two special function racks for kick drums, one of which adds subtle variety to kick playback (to make digitally programmed kick patterns more organic), and one of which generates a sweet, tuneable, thudding sub signal based on the source material (using live native effects only).

Kick SubGen – Generates and blends in a tuneable sub tone based on the input signal, focused on the low frequency content, adding an “808-style” BOOM to any pattern. It’s best applied to a kick drum channel or layer; however, it also works well on full loops. The best part is it does this using Ableton native effects only!

Kick Varifier – Meant to address the sometimes cold, digital nature of repeating kick samples sounding exactly the same each time they are played, this uses a handful of techniques to add subtle random variation to kick playback (without overtly altering the signal level). It’s optimized for kick drums, but of course you could use it on anything.

These racks pair great with Drum Buss if you own Live 10; on the other hand, they may help satiate your lack of Drum Buss if you’re still using Live 9. So either way… useful.


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PerforModule is the brainchild of Animus Invidious. Over the year Animus has collaborated with scores of artists from all over the world on songs appearing on various albums and compilations. He has mastering credits on about a dozen albums with his unofficial brand “Tasty Mastering”. Known for having sensibilities covering both acoustic as well as electronic music, he has mastered material by Astara Summers, Hopeful Heroines, Michael Garfield, Charlie Milo Trio, Phat Kid, StoneyBertz, Lil’ Flip and others.The most recent album mastered by Animus Invidious is “Face Our Own Reflection” by Joy Tru, which includes multiple songs that have achieved FM radio play reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners.As a Sound Designer Animus has assisted various musicians with tailored sound design tasks over the years (for example, he appears in the credits of the prog metal album Solipsism by the band Left Brain). In 2013, Animus started and began sharing clever and useful custom Ableton Live racks which he had crafted. Shortly thereafter, his “Vocoverb” device was featured on Ableton Live’s website and the rest is history.LINKS – WEBSITE

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