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  • Chaos Culture Frame Lightshow Editor

    Frame Lightshow Creator – Launchpad & Push

    Price £15.00
    Frame Lightshow Creator from Chaos Culture allows the user to quickly set up a Lightshow performance on a range of Grid Controllers like the Ableton PUSH ONE & TWO and the entire Novation LaunchPad family! Consisting of three types of MaxforLive devices, the Frame Lightshow Creator, Controller and Performer, set up is simple as is creating your own lightshow! Drop an Editor device onto a MIDI track and a Controller Specific device (there's a choice of devices based on your controller) onto another and you're good to go. Click the Edit button and select a MIDI track, then paint your first frame of your lightshow directly onto your controller... Using Hotkeys and shortcuts you can build up your animation frame by frame across one or multiple controllers, and there's no need to use MIDI Devices or learn MIDI notes to do it!
  • MIDI MultiClip EditorMIDI Multiclip Editor

    MIDI MultiClip Editor – Edit Multiple Clips on 1 Piano Roll

    Price £26.00

    If you've ever wished that you could select multiple clips in Ableton Live and view them in one MIDI Editor at the same time, well now you can!


    MIDI Modulators – Quickly Transform MIDI Clips

    Price £22.00

    MIDI Modulators allow you to quickly change the contents of a chosen MIDI Clip in Session or Arrange view with a range of modulators inspired by DAWs like Cubase and Logic. MIDI Modulators include:

    • Transform loop
    • Transform stretch
    • Quantize time
    • Quantize scale
    • Chord inversion
    • Utility pitch limit
    • Utility velocity limit
    • Utility seamless loop
    • Selection (Pitch / Velocity / Clip / Random)