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Scale Breaker by Chaos Culture

Break out of Scale, with Scale Breaker!


COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 10 Suite or Ableton Live 10 Standard with MaxforLive Installed


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    Initial Release: 19th April 2022

    Scale Breaker by Chaos Culture

    Welcome to the Scale Breaker Max for Live device for retuning MIDI controlled instruments in Ableton Live 10 and 11.

    Live, as well as most VST Instruments and DAWs, is tied to the standard 12-Tone Equal that is almost exclusively used in today’s music. This device modifies the Pitch Bend data of MIDI signals to break out of this limitation, forcing the instruments to play in tunings that otherwise would be impossible. Scale Breaker is packed with a lot of small functionalities in order to make it the ultimate retuning device.

    Pitch Bend data is not only being offset by a static value once a new note is played, it is also translated continuously. Pitch envelopes of Live’s MPE MIDI Editor or the input of MPE MIDI Controllers are converted entirely. Automations related to the tuning are latency compensated and will update all currently held notes.

    Additionally to the Tunings, this device supports custom Keyboard Mappings. It can import and export .scl and .kbm files, and a built-in editor can be used to make customizations in real time.

    An Adaptive Base allows Just Intonation tunings to be used properly in any key, regardless of the played chords and their root notes. Such a system is necessary and the reason why 12-TET became the standard, as it doesn’t require retuning the instruments for almost every chord that is being played. However, retuning gets easier with Scale Breaker since the Adaptive Base is controlled with low velocity notes, making it possible to specify the Base Tunings within Live’s MIDI Editor or through other means of generating MIDI notes – such as MIDI Keyboards and other plugins. There is no need to use additional controls in a separate window

    The Follow system can be used to link together the Tunings and Mappings of some or all instruments in a song. This includes the Adaptive Base, as well as automations of the Base Tuning. All of this data is communicated across the devices in real time with latency compensation for most accurate timings. It also helps to write music in Just Intonation, as every instrument is guaranteed to be in tune with each other for every played chord.
    Tuning & Mapping Slots can be used to load multiple Tunings and Mappings into the device. Control which one should be used with automation or with MPE Note Expressions on a per note basis.

    Finally, the Freeze functionality can be used to create smooth transitions. Switch between different Tunings for each individual note or for the whole Adaptive Base system directly from Live’s MIDI Editor.

    From basic and Microtonal scales with any amount of notes or formal octave intervals to and complete experimental setups. This device aims to provide everything you need to control any MIDI-controlled instrument, such as stock Live devices, VST Instruments or hardware instruments, whether they support MPE or not, and still keep them polyphonic.

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    Sebastian was introduced to music early on and grew up reverse engineering and producing songs.

    While being professionally trained to become a jazz pianist, he learned the ins and outs of many applications and electronic devices. The most important one was the lite version of Ableton Live 4, which enabled him to dive deeper into sound design and other aspects of music production.

    By studying audio engineering and working with many studios, Sebastian was introduced to the music industry as he started his work as a mixing engineer and sound designer.

    Chaos Culture is a project, an artist name he uses to publish some of his music and other creations such as Max for Live devices that extend the functionality of Live.


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