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  • Control Pack by NOISS COKOCC Manager by NOISS COKO

    Control Pack – Randomised Control of External Instruments & Parameters

    Price £20.99
    The Control Pack is a collection of three MaxforLive devices designed by NOISS COKO, developer of the best selling Modulation Pack. Consisting of three MaxforLive Devices, CC Manager, CC Random and Random (The Audio Device Version of CC Random) this pack is designed to bring new level of control and randomisation over External Instruments and Ableton Live Parameters.
  • StrangeLines BSOD

    BSOD – Blue Screen of Death!

    Price £5.99

    BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death, remember?) is a stockastic sample freezing effect by StrangeLines. What does it mean? Well, you could drop it onto a vocal track for a classy-chop effect, you could use it to turn any sound into a fresh organic pad, try it on a drum loop for example, but it's also cool to use it as a gating effect and/or mixing it with the dry signal. in short BSOD makes you rhytmically freeze any sound source with extreme ease for whatever purpose you're able to come up with.

    Main Features • Perfect gating/triggering with adjustable cut from very narrow to very wide • Way-beyond-recognition sound design and shaping capabilities. • Automatable and midi-controllable. • Clean, minimalistic, alive, dry/wet-responsive UI

  • P2D Sequence Push 2 DisplayP2D Sequence MaxforLive Device

    P2D Sequence – MIDI Clip Sequencer View for the Push 2 Screen

    Price £22.00

    P2D-Sequence is a Max for Live device that utilises the hi-res RGB display on Push 2 to provide you with a detailed view of the selected MIDI clip that you are working on.

    The clip display will update in real time as you add/remove and edit notes using Push 2.

  • P2D SessionP2D Session MaxforLive Device

    P2D Session – Session View for the Push 2 Screen

    Price £27.50

    When you want to know what you're triggering without looking at the Laptop screen P2D-Session displays your current Live session state on the Push2 display.

    P2D-Session is a Max for Live device that utilises the hi-res RGB display on Push 2 to provide you with an overview of where you are in the Live set.

    An 8x8 matrix on the display will correspond to the clip launch buttons on the Push allowing you to see the name and playing status of each clip that you currently control. This matrix will update as you move around the set or perform additions/removals from your set.