Consolex8056 by Monomono

Complete analog console mixing and summing pack

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Console×8056 is the ultimate suite for analog-style mixing and summing in Ableton Live, featuring Pre×73, EQ×73, Comp×54, and Console×80.
  • Channel×80: Includes Pre×73 (vintage preamp emulation) and EQ×73 (flexible tone shaping).
  • Comp×54: Diode bridge compressor for smooth, punchy dynamics and added sonic texture.
  • Console×80: Summing amplifier with vintage and modern modes, realistic analog noise, and unified settings for a cohesive mix.
Achieve professional, analog-inspired mixes with these comprehensive tools.
COMPATIBILITY: Ableton Live 11 / 12 Suite or Ableton Live 11 / 12Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS COMPATIBILITY: macOS, Windows, Push 3 Standalone
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 11 & MaxforLive are Essential
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    1 review for Consolex8056 by Monomono

    1. Will Flo

      It sound great and makes lots of fun to use it and listen to the results. Quite underrated so far I guess.

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    Initial Release 1st July 2024

    Consolex8056 by Monomono

    Experience the sound and workflow of classic analog consoles within Ableton Live with the Console×8056 suite. This comprehensive set includes the Pre×73, EQ×73, Comp×54, and the innovative Console×80 summing amplifier emulation, designed to deliver the authentic warmth, character, and intuitive workflow of vintage hardware.

    Channel×80: Pre×73 & EQ×73

    Channel×80: is a meticulously crafted channel strip that combines the Pre×73 and EQ×73 devices, inspired by iconic British console designs. This bundle delivers the rich, analog warmth and character that has defined countless classic recordings.

    Pre×73: Emulates the pristine preamp section, capturing the distinctive tonal qualities and subtle saturation of vintage hardware. This preamp adds depth and dimension to your recordings, making them stand out in the mix.

    EQ×73: Faithfully recreates the original EQ section, providing musical and flexible tone-shaping capabilities. With its carefully tuned options, you can make broad, impactful changes to your sound without getting lost in endless tweaking.

    Comp×54: Diode Bridge Compressor

    Comp×54 is a standalone diode bridge compressor inspired by classic compressor designs, known for their smooth yet punchy compression characteristics. This device is perfect for adding dynamic control and color to your tracks.

    • Classic Diode Bridge Compression: Offers a distinctive sound known for its musicality and responsiveness, capturing the essence of vintage hardware.
    • Smooth and Punchy Dynamics: Controls transients and shapes your sound, ensuring your mixes have the right balance of impact and clarity.
    • Adds Color and Character: The unique tonal qualities of the diode bridge design add a pleasing warmth and richness, enhancing the overall sonic texture of your mix.
    • Versatile for All Mixes: Suitable for use on individual tracks, groups, and busses, this compressor adapts to any mixing scenario with ease.
    • Enhanced Usability: With an intuitive interface, Comp×54 retains the core functionality of the original hardware while adding modern enhancements, making it easier to dial in the perfect compression settings quickly and efficiently.

    Console×80: Summing Amplifier Emulation

    The Console×80 summing amplifier emulation is the heart of the Console×8056 suite, tying together all the devices and offering a cohesive analog mixing environment.

    • Vintage and Modern Modes: Switch between vintage and modern modes, altering frequency response, headroom, and saturation characteristics to suit any mixing style.
    • Analog Noise Floor: Introduces a realistic analog noise floor, adding depth and authenticity to your mix.
    • Dynamic Interaction: Triggers different modes on other devices, creating a cohesive and dynamic mixing environment. The Console×80 ensures that all devices work together seamlessly, providing a unified sound.
    • Designed for Groups and Busses: Console×8056 is perfect not only for individual tracks but also for groups and busses, ensuring your entire mix benefits from the same analog warmth and cohesion. This results in a polished and professional sound across your entire project.

    Oversampling for precision and alias rejection

    Comp×54: incorporates oversampling in crucial places for precision and alias rejection. This means you get high-quality, clean audio processing that retains the integrity of your original signal while enhancing it with analog charm.

    Authentic Look & Feel

    All our devices follow the established Ableton Live design conventions and blend nicely with the existing selection of tools while employing a unique look. Color scheme adapts to the selected Live color theme naturally. While the design of our devices is functional, it also is easy on the eyes.

    Push 3 Standalone Ready

    All Monomono devices work on Push 3 in Standalone mode.

    Console x 8056 is brought to you by the developer behind Tape!

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