Yves Big City

Stuck between nostalgia for the past and temptation of the future, Big City has been raised by the techno soul rhythm of the 90’s.

As a result appears a mix of Disco New Wave, inspired by the rise and fall of industrial society.Always looking for the perfect disco pop beat, he combines two different worlds…featuring new wave and groovy sounds.

His roots are, for the soul sounds, Detroit City and Detroit artists, from Iggy Pop to the Godfather of Techno, for the cold side, New Order / Joy Division are his main inspirations, Prince influence completes the funky pop side, and many more as inspiration can come from anywhere…

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Flippn’ Grooves for the Novation Monostation by Yves Big City

Our First Pack for the Cult Novation Synth

By combining drum & synth patches together, you will discover the taste of the analog groovebox flavour …so get ready for some unpredictable groovy result! This is Yves Big City’s first pack for the cult classic Novation MonoStation
COMPATIBILITY: Novation MonoStation


    Flippn Grooves pack for the Novation Monostation

    The BIG CITY DREAMS Anthology – PART TWO

    Vapor, Progressive & FM Drums!

    UPDATED: Now includes Patch and Sample Packs for the Circuit Tracks! None of the packs include Sessions for the Circuit Tracks Grab the second set of sound packs for the Novation Circuit from sound designer supreme Yves Big City!
    • FM Drum Dream
    • Vapor Dream
    • Progressive Dream
    COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks & OG Circuit (Please Note Sessions are not Compatible with Circuit Tracks)


    Anthology Pack Part TWO

    FM Drum Dream

    Enter the world of FM Drum synthesis


    How wild and wonderful can FM based drum sequences go? The FM Drum Dream pack pushes them to the extreme, turning your Novation Circuit into a unique retro-futuristic drum machine. So prepare yourself to going bonkers and shake the walls with some FM Drum spices!
    COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks


      FM Drum Dream Novation Circuit Pack by Yves Big City Dream

      Vapor Dream by Yves Big City

      Analogue Magic for the Novation Circuit

      UPDATED: Now FULLY Compatible with the Novation Circuit Tracks!

      This pack is the Delorean Dream sequel but with a different vibe that goes in the vaporwave style.

      • 128 tweakable presets capturing the lo-fi tape magic
      • Two drumkits versions
      • 32 Demo Sessions
      • Exclusive bonus library of Win95 samples, Mall Advert, vinyl noise for a maximum aesthetic effect.
      COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks


        Vapor Dream Novation Circuit Pack by Yves Big City

        Rave Dream by Yves Big City

        Revive the 90's Warehouse Sound

        It’s time to sound wild with “Rave Dream” for Elektron Model Samples! After 30 years, the revival of the 90’s warehouse rave scene is here​ and will stay​ for a long​ ​time. 500 Megabytes of pure nostalgia | 96  Preloaded Patterns | 50 clean to dirty drum kits & much much more…
        COMPATIBILITY: Elektron Model:Samples and any DAW or Sampler that supports WAV Files


        Big City Rave Dream for the Elektron Model Sample

        The BIG CITY DREAMS Anthology Pack – Part ONE by Yves Big City

        Take a journey with Yves & Erin

        UPDATED: Now includes Patch and Sample Packs for the Circuit Tracks! Only the Delorean Dream Pack includes Sessions for Circuit Tracks

        We’ve gathered together all of the Novation Circuit Packs from Yves Big City & Erin into one awesome set at a super price! Grab it here now and complete your collection…

        COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit Tracks & OG Circuit (Please Note: Not all Sessions are Compatible with Circuit Tracks)


        Big City Dreams Pack Product Thumbnail

        Street Dreams by Yves Big City

        Hip Hop Inspired Circuitry

        The fourth pack from the prolific Yves Big City is the Hip-Hop inspired, Street Dreams!

        • 64 innovative Hip-Hop and Trap Patch presets
        • 64 samples to allow you to explore the G-Funk style.
        • 16 Beat Sessions and 16 Demo Sessions.

        This is not a test, it’s time to come out and play…

        COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks


          Street Dreams Novation Circuit Pack

          Chiptune Dreams by Yves Big City

          8-Bit Sounds for the Novation Circuit

          To follow up on Start Something and Delorean Dreams Yves Bigcity has returned with a collaboration destined to become another classic Novation Circuit pack.

          Now fully compatible with the Novation Circuit Tracks
          COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks


            Chiptune Dreams Novation Circuit Pack

            Start Something by Yves Big City

            The Drum Pack for the Novation Circuit Yves Big City

            This pack for the Novation Circuit will be perfect for all songwriters that need to quickly start a song idea, whether you are into rock, disco, funk, hip hop or electro we all need at a moment a real acoustic drum pattern to get smooth inspiration.

            This session pack will deliver those authentic and classic grooves and inspiring beats that you can freely arrange in your productions.

            COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit (Please Note: Not Compatible with Novation Circuit Tracks)


              Start Something Novation Circuit Drum Pack

              Delorean Dream by Yves Big City

              80's Inspired Synth Pack

              Delorean Dream is an brand new 80s Odyssey pack for the Novation Circuit, the biggest yet released through Isotonik Studios. Consisting of Circuit Synth Patches, Sessions & Samples it’s enough to fill a whole Circuit in one go!! If you’re familiar with Roland Juno fat brass, warm bass & crystaline bells, get ready for some 80’s Cocktail sounds. With a Synth fusion of Drive Style, John Carpenter and Depeche Mode this pack will turn your Novation Circuit into a portable 80s box. Catch here and now the classic sound but with a special twist for each preset.
              COMPATIBILITY: Novation Circuit & Novation Circuit Tracks


              Delorean Dream Novation Circuit Pack


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