ADM EFFECTS by Brian Funk


ADM EFFECTS is an exhaustive accumulation of rad tools with which to expand your sound design toolkit. It includes a sweet variety of 118 Audio Effect Racks in 8 categories, 63 “Effect” Instrument Racks for generating custom SFX, 100 Transitional Clips, and a dozen special-purpose Drum & MIDI Effect Racks.
Developer: Brian Funk
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live Standard 9.7.5+


ADM EFFECTS is an Ableton Live Pack that contains an awesome assortment of capabilities for modifying the sound of existing sounds, or for generating completely new sound effects from scratch. Sourced from various Brian Funk packs over the years, this sweeping assortment represents the realm of audio manipulation.

118 Audio Effect Racks for mangling, filtering, and glitching your source material in a mind-numbing myriad of ways. Emulate pushing through an assortment of lo-fi playback media. Add imperfection, grit and charm to stale digital audio. Recreate catastrophic system events. Crush, crunch, and warble. Filter, phase, and delay. Modulate evolutive textural patterns. Glitch to your heart’s content. Dial in results quickly.

Includes effects in the following categories:

Amp Simulation
Mixing & Mastering
Modulation & Rhythmic
Performance & DJ

Transitional Clips & Drum Racks
For adding hype to live DJ sets with energy-building risers and drops. Create exciting and dramatic changes with 100 tempo synced audio clips and 6 drum racks full of sounds. It has everything from rising and falling filter sweeps, spaceship sounds, reversed cymbals, 8-bit explosions to the strange and unusual. The clips will be in perfect time no matter your tempo, while the drum rack slots can be triggered at whim.

63 Sound Effect Instruments + 6 Drum Racks
For generating your own weird, wild, and wacky sounds, triggered by MIDI and tweakable in numerous manners. Initiate rocket launches, examine alien anatomy, formulate custom noise layers, walk though mud and swirl away in a cloud storm as the UFOs approach. This selection of freakish components can provide the means for you to travel far beyond typical human domains of existence. Be careful out there!

MIDI is also not forgotten, with 6 MIDI Effect Racks for manipulating MIDI information with repitching and arpeggiation before it hits an instrument.

ADM EFFECTS contains sounds and instruments carefully and lovingly crafted by Brian Funk, an experienced Ableton Certified Trainer and curious sound designer. Each instrument was built to satisfy his own personal needs and desires in musical instrument design. ADM EFFECTS was curated and organized by Animus Invidious of PerforModule for Isotonik Studios.


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