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Delorean Dream TWO (EXCLUSIVE)

Your future hasn't been written yet


This exclusive offer is only applicable to previous customers of Delorean Dream, you must be logged into the same account you purchased with. This offer expires 30th September.After five years of development, the Delorean Dream saga is back, stronger than ever. Teleport through 80s production techniques and arrive in the future with an entirely new set of 128 patches.Delorean Dream 2 delivers a cascade of lush chords, enraptured melody, and fat, retro drums, all processed in a classic vintage tape machine.From synthwave to modern electro , Delorean Dream 2 captures this original 1985 spirit, delivering a raw, emotional, and powerful sound bursting with impressive melody and future-retro style.
Developer: Yves Big City
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit Firmware 1.6+


1985. You are sitting in you car and the thunder is coming… The need for those 88 mph is coming and you start hearing something loud and slow cutting from your speakers:

«It’s the Novation engine pushed to the edge. »

Wait.Are you saying that you built a time machine…out of a Novation Circuit?

It’s more than an 80’s time machine and you guys aren’t ready for that yet.But your kids are gonna love it!

« Cheap sounds? Where we’re going, we don’t need cheap sounds.»

The patches have been upgraded month after month to get closer and closer to the famous Roland Juno series sound that was born in 1982.

By carefully reverse engineering the structure of this classic and emblematic synthesizer, we created an entirely new DNA for modern production upgraded for the nova sound architecture.

“Because it goes beyond the quest for the classic analog Juno sound.”

Explore vintage and complex modern pads, dusty analog basses, live guitar and wild percussions and head straight back to nostalgic days and long hot nights.

At a glance :

  • Instant inspiration at your fingertip with 128 patches containing: dusty analog bass, blissful chords, retro keys, and leads for a warm and meaty sound character.
  • 64 drums lovingly handcrafted and processed on Studer tape A800 for a punchy flavor.
  • 16 sessions to unleash your creativity from old school to new school. (Special thanks to Claas Falldorf & Davide Di Giovanni)
  • Midi pack chord progressions designed specifically for synthwave & vaporwave : You will never run out of ideas.
  • Compatible with the OG Circuit edition and the Novation Circuit Tracks

“Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one!” ~Doc Brown




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Yves Big City

Stuck between nostalgia for the past and temptation of the future, Big City has been raised by the techno soul rhythm of the 90’s.As a result appears a mix of Disco New Wave, inspired by the rise and fall of industrial society.Always looking for the perfect disco pop beat, he combines two different worlds…featuring new wave and groovy sounds.His roots are, for the soul sounds, Detroit City and Detroit artists, from Iggy Pop to the Godfather of Techno, for the cold side, New Order / Joy Division are his main inspirations, Prince influence completes the funky pop side, and many more as inspiration can come from anywhere…

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