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Rhythmorphic by Dillon Bastan

Image driven Non-euclidean sequencer


Rhythmorphic is what a sequencer would be like if all of every conventional approach was forgotten, this is another truly unique product from the genius that is Dillon Bastan.
Developer: Dillon Bastan
Compatibility: Ableton Live 10 / 11 Suite or Ableton Live 10 / 11 Standard with MaxforLive Installed
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: MaxforLive is Essential


Rhythmorphic is a max for live MIDI Effect. It has four sequencers that can create “non”-euclidean sequences (patterns that are not evenly distributed) by morphing or warping a euclidean sequence by the topology (brightness values) of an image or video. This allows for complex and unique patterns to be generated and modulated. There are several options for image sources (texture generator, dropped image/video files, and a live camera). There are also various options for changing the output MIDI note and modulating just about everything for the sequencers and image settings!


The device, user manual, 33 presets


  • Main visual display with mouse interaction
  • Image source options:
    • texture generator
    • dropped image/video files
    • live camera input
  • 4 sequencers
    • Randomize function
    • # of Steps, hit density, step offset
    • Ability to mix between plain euclidean sequence and morphed non-euclidean sequence
    • Smart quantization (to clean up faster rhythms while maintaining the sound of the pattern)
    • Morph magnification
    • MIDI note out options with optional random spray
    • Scale and tonic options including one for Drum Racks
    • Playback directions
    • Independent speed scaling
  • Random note burst repeats
  • Random pitch bend envelopes
  • Randomize function
  • Pattern snapshots for all sequencer settings
    • Allows for switching between complex rhythms
    • Patterns can be modulated with the internal LFO
    • the internal LFO settings can also be stored into pattern snapshots!


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Double click on the .ALP file whilst you have Ableton Live open.


Dillon Bastan

Dillon Bastan is a Los Angeles based sound artist, developer, music producer, and performer. He constructs interactive and intuitive experiences with sound as art, music, or tool. He uses a variety of programming languages, softwares, technologies, and a musical background. His passion for nature and interest in technology pulls him to blend the organic and synthetic.Dillon draws on experiences from music, traveling, programming, meditation, and construction/carpentry for inspiration and solutions to his projects. He is constantly collaborating, learning, and exploring new possibilities in sound, art, and technology.Links: WEBSITE – FACEBOOK – INSTAGRAM – SOUNDCLOUD – YOUTUBE

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