Behringer BCR XL

Ableton Live Control Surface Script


The Behringer BCR is the perfect partner controller for MIDI Controllers like the Push & Novation LaunchPad, our control surface script makes it essential!

  • Session Control
  • 24/32 Parameter Device Control
  • Send & Return Control
Developer: Sigabort
Compatibility: Ableton Live 9.7.5 | Live 10+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Ableton Live 9.7.5+


The Behringer BCR2000 has been a popular controller for what seems like an age, as yet though it seemed clunky when used with Ableton Live as opposed to supported controllers like the APC40.

With the Ableton PUSH cornering the market for buttons there’s strong competition for the race for the ultimate set of dials. With it’s LED ringed encoders that offer Bi-Directional Feedback the BCR2000 is a strong contender.

With Sigabort’s Behringer BCR XL Control Surface Script it could well be champion, offering both Session and Device modes it has become one of the best add-on controllers out there.

By adding an on screen Ring Focus (Red) Box you can now see at a glance which eight tracks the Behringer BCR is controlling, and this can be navigated around your set with the controllers buttons. As you move around the LEDs will update to show the values of the current tracks Volumes, Sends, Mutes etc.

With the Top Push Encoders given over to track select and volume, a double tap will also Arm a track for recording!

In Device Mode the bottom set of 24 encoders will follow Ableton Live’s Blue Hand, locking onto any Device, Rack or Instrument thats in focus. Unlike other controllers however you’re not limited to the banking in 8 parameters at a time, the BCR XL script gives control over a majestic 24 at a time! It’s even advanced enough to kill the LED’s around an encoder if there’s no parameter to control.

Additional Features – In addition this comprehensive script adds:

  • Device lock
  • Track fold/unfold
  • Banking of send controls allowing all sends on the focused tracks to be controlled
  • Use all 32 encoders to control devices in device mode (option)
  • Direct banking allowing easy access to first 4 banks of device (option)
  • Configure which BCR control buttons are used for control of the script freeing up 4 buttons to be used for user mapping
  • Added LaunchSync compatibility with the LaunchSync Series
  • Pan option for Encoder Group 2 to control the Pan on each in focus track
  • 14 Bit mode, effectively increases the sensitivity of the encoders allowing even finer control
  • Returns Modes, a choice of options to allow control of return tracks
  • Track Bank, you choose how many tracks the focus moves with each movement


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