Circuit Editor – The Novation Circuit Editor

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Our Entry Level Editor for the Novation Circuit gives access to all of the available parameters for each of the synths of Novations powerhouse of a Groovebox.

It’s Free and always will be!


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When the Novation Circuit first got pushed across our desk we just got it, in minutes we had a simple tune up and playing whereas with other synths we’d hit brick walls after an hour of fiddling and then we’d pull the plug on the project without finding that spark of inspiration! Novation then invited us to their head office in High Wycombe to finish work they’d started in an Max patch that would edit the inbuilt sounds for Synth’s ONE and TWO. It was ground we’d trod before in our work with LaunchSync however nothing would prepare us for how deep this one went, The Novation Circuit Editor was born.

After a few beta rounds of testing, it became apparent that we could develop something pretty special. We’d need a little more help from the team behind the development of the Circuit though. So after a few lengthy Skype sessions the gauntlet was set down…

We all agreed that we wanted to unlock the potential behind the Circuit and develop a Free Circuit Editor that would allow the user to fine tune or completely reshape the onboard sounds. Novation began by developing the latest firmware based on our requests, then we set about providing bi-directional feedback from the unit to the Editor, the advantage of being able to edit the Factory Settings and save them back to session slots was soon surpassed with the ability to overwrite the patches stored in the Circuits ROM. You’ve got two Nova Synths and a bank of 64 patches to play with so that should be plenty!

Virtually every element of each Synth is editable. You can adjust every parameter in realtime and play the results on the Circuit, tweaking everything imaginable from the Oscillators and LFO’s to the Chorus and Distortion settings. As part of the Circuits’ attraction is the 8 macro dials (which can be mapped to up to four parameters each) we’ve given you the ability to re-define what they’ll modulate when you perform Live!

When you’re happy with your new sounds you can save a bank of your own 64 patches with the Free Circuit Editor to Disc and then load them to the Circuit for your next performance, or if want to retain some of the factory content there’s the ability to load a single patch to a Synth slot as well.

If you’d like someone else to do the work, or need some inspiration to for your own patches? Check out our Circuit Patch Store – CLICK HERE


  1. modularman

    Nice editor -works well

  2. midialan2000

    Gratefully appreciated bit of editing software, does exactly as it says on the tin. It is so easy to use and opens up a whole new world for your circuit. A must have bit of software, long life to the circuit, thanks guys and girls 😉

  3. Jeff Stanford

    Great piece of software! Makes creating your own sounds really easy.

  4. Joep Schoevaars

    Awsome editor work well for extracting patches, editing patche and making patches! i also use it to eq my patches before mixdown 🙂 super handy

  5. brendon.smith.usd

    Good Work!!

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[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-desc-col’]Morph between two Patches[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”][/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]YES[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]YES[/av_cell][/av_row]
[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-desc-col’]X / Y Control of User Chosen Parameters[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”][/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”] [/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]YES[/av_cell][/av_row]
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[av_row row_style=”][av_cell col_style=’avia-desc-col’]Future Development[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]This is the original editor developed for Circuit release and commissed by Novation. This will remain free and available but no further development work is planned.[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]After our association with Novation for this product concluded we developed our original editor further in order to provide a more complete solution, such as session control,
randomisation and morph controls. Whilst we have not called time for development on this version we intend to leave this as an entry level editor that is easily affordable for all.
As such, all mainline development will be made on the VST/AU version of the Circuit Editor – some functionality may be moved over into this version but what, and when cannot be specified.[/av_cell][av_cell col_style=”]This product is still being actively developed and the intention is to increase its functionality over time. Some of this will be included in the purchase price (e.g. provision
of a standlone), some will be optional upgrades (e.g. nah, that would be telling..)[/av_cell][/av_row]

Windows Standalone – Windows 7 and above

Mac Standalone – OSX 10.8 and above

MaxforLive – As above & Ableton Live 9.6 & MaxforLive 7.2

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ClyphX Pro – Please refer directly to the manual and installation video for this specific product.

Novation Circuit Packs – These are provided as individual Sysex Files and as a complete bank file. All are to be installed using a version of the Circuit Editor and not via Novations Components back up utility.