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Malfunctioning systems. Broken Oscillators. Machine noise. 


Malfunctioning systems, Broken Oscillators, Machine noise. The Malfunktion pack is inspired by glitchy artists such as Alva Noto, Murcof, Modeselektor, Autechre, Pole & Prefuse 73. The set of 64 patches includes crackles, hums, beeps, electrical tones, pads and atmospheric FX. The samples were created using synthesis, databending, manual wave editing and recorded foley sounds, including concrete kicks, clicks, pops, glitches and beeps. The pack is primed for brutal machine sounds, glitch, minimal techno, IDM, drone & ambient.
Developer: LDM Design
Compatibility: N/A
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: Novation Circuit or Novation Circuit Tracks


Following on from the successful organic Organizm pack, LDM Design this time embraces the synthetic and digital, celebrating imperfection, glitches, and broken machine sounds. The Malfunktion pack provides a great selection of resources which can add a glitchy element to any production, and sounds great with glitch, IDM, minimal techno & ambient styles.

The detailed collection of 64 finely crafted patches includes drones, digital tones, broken machine sounds, crackles, noise, pads and atmospheres. Among atonal noises there are also a number of digital synth sounds, bleepy broken leads & lush pads.

The carefully constructed samples include concrete kicks, clicks, pops, snaps, beeps, databent computer files, and recorded natural clicks from pens and clocks. 

Within the pack are also 16 sessions to demonstrate a variety of possible sounds.

The pack uses a consistent set of macros as all my other packs which follow the assignments for the Circuit Tracks.

This pack is for both Circuit Tracks and Circuit OG.


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LDM Devices

LDM Design is a project which started life in 2016, recreating Monome apps in Max For Live to use natively on the Launchpad Mini, which are still freely available on his website.He also created the popular glitchy multi-FX sequencer devices Manglerack and MangleFX, influenced by the legendary Illformed Glitch VST. Since then the project has expanded into making all kinds of M4L devices, always taking care in designing a clean, unique GUI.Many of his devices also show a love for introducing various degrees of chaos and probability into music production. His first release for Isotonik, the LP Pack, continued recreating and improving upon classic Monome apps and original ideas to expand the creative potential of the Novation Launchpad Mk1 and Mk2. Next, as a homage to the great Brian Eno and his creative processes, LDM then released the best-selling Chance 10 Pack, which is a selection of modules utilizing chaos and probability to affect various elements of production. There are a number of great free devices available on his website – Chords in Key converts single MIDI notes into chords based on a set key, Gravity Delay is a fun ‘bouncing ball’ MIDI delay, and Autosputter is for live glitchy audio slicing, based on the old Instajungle VST.LDM Design continues to work on projects for Isotonik and his own website which will be available soon.

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