The Modular Series offers a wide range of Max4Live devices that can be utilised with any Midi Controller in conjunction with Ableton Live. Each device uses Max4Live to offer a solution to a common Ableton feature requests and we constantly update and add to the devices in the series…
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One of the most requested features of Ableton is the ability to set follow actions that occur at a clip end rather than a predetermined time.
With our Follow device you can not only acheive the standard follow actions at clip end, but you can also trigger them at clip stop, define the clip number to be played next or even switch the Clip follow action to become a Scene follow action.
This device has been very popular with users who run backing tracks in Ableton Live for a Live band.
Working with both cropped and un-cropped audio you can even simply cue up the next Clip or Scene so that its ready to play.
The final piece of the jigsaw is the ability to set a follow action in hours, minutes and seconds and apply this to an unwarped clip.


A Lite Edition of Follow is available for the price of a Tweet.

Smart can be thought of as a super charged rack allowing you to plot the path of any parameter within Ableton to a Smart graph and link it to one Master Smart Dial.
Using Max4Live up to eight parameters can be mapped so as the master dial turns different parameters can be modulated at different rates enabling for example the treble of a clip to be brought in from 0, the mids coming in from 25% and the the bass from 50% whilst the volume increases steadily…


A Lite version of Smart is available for the price of a tweet!

Return gives the ability to create Dummy Clips and modulate effects within the Return tracks, one device can be used to modulate all of the return tracks as you can switch between tracks and devices with Clip Envelopes.
And second on the most requested features list was on the fly looping, the move from Serato and Traktor was a big jump for us and we missed some of things we took for granted.
Drop a Session Looper device on every track you want and it allows you to control the track’s currently playing clips looping properties via MIDI. You can set pre-determined length loops, move them, halve or double them, all without having to focus on the playing clip first.
The Arrange Looper offers on the fly looping functionality to arrange view, with five user definable Loop Buttons you can set a pre-defined size of loop.


Roller brings Serato like Loop Rolls to Ableton with an added twist.
Acting like a momentary beat repeat capturing audio and rolling it stutter like, you can move the start position of the roll and reduce the end point to produce that characteristic Pioneer CDJ sound.
More glitch options with this device, sat next to Ableton Live’s Beat Repeat it automatically maps to the grid size parameter and allows you to select only the triplets options and jump between them with a push of a button.
When a Live template becomes too complex for Session Mode performers switch to Arrange Mode and lay out their performance in a linear fashion. To retain the flexibility of Session Mode this device offers five MIDI mappable buttons which when pressed will jump to the Song Locators that are around the current play head.
SLICER (Live 8)
The Slicer devices buffers an incoming bar or two bars of audio, divides it into eight equal parts and allows any of those parts to be re-triggered as slices via MIDI.
The length of each slice can be adjusted on the fly to give some nice glitch roll style effects.
You also have a Brake, Reverse and Gater effect to add to the Filter Slides and EQ Kills.
Buffer Shuffler is one of the Building Blocks of Max4Live. Our version brings new life to static loops allowing them to be glitched and rearranged on the fly by allowing it to be midi mapped to any controller.
You can re-order the buffered audio, mute or reverse it, or even cut it up into smaller slices, all achievable via midi.

Max4Live and the Modular Series

minimum system requirements Live 9.1.1 Max4Live 6.1
minimum system requirements Live 8.2.6 Max4Live 5.1.9
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