Art Frequencies

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  • Art Frequencies DekobokoFXPro OpenArt Frequencies DekobokoFXPro Closed

    DekobokoFXPro – Up the Game!

    Price £20.00

    First came DekobokoFXLIte, now Art Frequencies up the game with the Pro Edition!

    The PRO version includes:

    • 2 LFOs for each parameter to be modulated by 6 types of basic waveforms including random
    • Master-Slave control between the 2 LFOs to create acceleration & deceleration effects and generate custom waveform
    • A piano roll to control your filter’s frequency and literally carve melody into your sound…
    • And finally multi-sliders to control the sample rate and resonance of your sound by sequence

  • Art Frequencies DekobokoFXLite ClosedArt Frequencies DekobokoFXLite Open

    DekobokoFXLite – Introducing Art Frequencies

    Price £8.00

    3 independent LFOs with 5 types of waveforms, each working in Sync or Frequency mod to control the filter frequency, resonance, and sample rate!