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From the very beginnings of Isotonik Studios we've focused on extending Ableton live with the use of MAXFORLIVE, we strive to bring you the very best and innovative products to add an extra dimension to both your performance and production...

GMaudio Ducker 1.5

GMaudio Ducker is the only sample accurate side-chain tool for Ableton Live. Designed for ease of use and ultimate transparency, It’s the last ducking tool you will ever use.

Playlist: Ducker - MaxforLive Audio Device for Ableton Live by Fixation Studios

Another simple but extremely effective MaxforLive device from the developer behind Strumroll. The Noizebox app can create unique and creative sounds from a simple idea. It uses a noise source with a density control to allow sounds from vinyl crackles to ripping sounds to full noise.

Tritonet is a musical abacus which provides an innovative way of learning and applying music harmony.  It makes learning music theory much more accessible by focusing on building the intuition behind harmony.
  • 300+ Scales
  • Control the harmony of entire Ableton Live set
  • SATB type chord creation
  • Harmony automation
  • Dynamic Pitch Mapping
  • Let MIDI clips follows your harmony
  • Play always in tune with your MIDI equipment
  • Push integration
The Strum Roll device is designed to quickly and easily get guitar chords into Ableton. Transfer easily found guitar chords from the web onto the fretboard GUI without needing to transpose note for note into the piano roll. You can then use the strum settings to create articulated chord strumming patterns that sounds like a real guitarist. Sounds great with sampled guitar instruments or  use it on synths or any other instrument for unique sounds!


Check out our selection of awesome packs foR THE ROLI BLOCK M LIGHTPAD

LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack

The LDM ROLI Blocks Novation Circuit Pack consists of 7 unique custom-built Roli Lightpad M apps designed to expand the control and possibilities of the Novation Circuit. Play samples chromatically, do some fingerdrumming, or bring full tactile control of Synth Macros using Aftertouch and Slide! The pack also includes a Circuit pack with 64 specially designed patches and samples to demonstrate the power of the apps.

The LDM ROLI Blocks Pack is made up of four apps from LDM Design for the ROLI Blocks controller.
  • Bjorklund
  • Chance
  • Pentagome
  • Pressulator
The LDM ROLI Blocks Pack is made up of the first five apps from LDM Design for the ROLI Blocks controller.
  • BoingBlock
  • ChordSet
  • FretPad
  • ModCC
  • PressureCafe
Extending the use of the ROLI Blocks controllers is LDM Designs speciality, Pressure Cafe is based on the monome device, Press Cafe.


Check out our selection of awesome packs for the OG circuit and the Novation CIRCUIT TRACKS!

Trance Foundations

Punch clarity and vision for the modern trance producer with a professional take on trance, ranging from the original classics through to the modern sound.

Dive into the cosmic realm and the hypnotic depths of trance foundations for the Novation Circuit Tracks!

Synth-hop explores the wide source material of hiphop, which spans from the sampled synths of P Funk to lofi keys to more modern digital sounds and abstract textures. From classic funk drumbeats to booming 808 bass. The synth patches range from west coast G Funk synths to UK hiphop to the eclectic sounds of the LA beatscene. The Synth-Hop pack is compatible with both the Circuit Tracks and OG.
Glitch foundations dives headfirst into a sea of glitch patches and blinking LEDs, combining vibrant synth lines, swirling SFX in this veritable playground of modular glitch synthesis. EDM Foundations was created to cover all different styles of EDM and to deliver complex Studio-ready sounds. Techno Foundations was created to give the modern Techno Producer a great starting point for both drum sounds and patches.  It goes without saying that techno is one of the most important genres of our age with so much spawning from it, it’s certainly not going anywhere.
  • The second part of Retro Futurism is based on the same concept, bringing new Synthwave Cyberpunk-inspired patches that unlock the true potential of Circuit’s synth engine with a colossal sound.
  • Retro Futurism 2 is a kaleidoscope of 80s nostalgia and sci-fi future, a perfect soundtrack for a dystopian Cyberpunk world in a parallel reality.
  • This pack takes its inspiration from some of the most iconic polyphonic synthesizers of the past, blending their sound with digital and modern techniques to create new patches with its own identity.


Another string to our bow, we've branched out into packs for the asm Hydrasynth, first up is a release from our expert sound designer linbic bits!


Hydrasynth is a synth like no other. The modulations make it possible for some really interesting overtones and digital complexity With a strong emphasis on Drums and Bass. Hydratech offers 128 Custom made patches, ranging from the core fundementals of drums and bass to ambience and more.

ASM HydraSynth Flora

Flora by Limbic Bits is a sound pack for ASM’s Hydrasynth series. It features 70 new patches perfectly suited to Ambient, Techno and Electronica.




The Techno City pack for the Elektron Digitakt is a selection of 127 original one shot samples and loops, including powerful kicks, fat bass stabs, deep chords, gritty soundscapes, pads, fx and much more! Everything you need for creating raw and powerful modern techno.  


The home of Melody Sauce by Evabeat, UPDATED AND BEST SELLING!

Melody Sauce 2

Melody Sauce 2 is now a complete melody creation tool, featuring a new Sound Engine with nearly 100 sounds and 3 built- in FX so you can hear melodies straight out of the box using the internal instruments, no need to route MIDI to other instruments.
  • New Style Mode with over 300 style settings, create melodies by genre for Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, House & Techno, Pop, Reggaeton and R&B.
  • New Advanced Editor lets you select specific chords for your melodies to follow, and to make detailed edits to your melodies bar- by-bar.
  • A host of additional controls including more options for loop length, octave, speed, save to favourites and more targeted output with the new 'Extra' buttons.
  • A new fully resizable and redesigned UI
  • Improved melody algorithms, powered by our AI-powered Phrase Builder Engine TM
  • Now compatible with all major DAWs, including those don't allow MIDI routing like Reason, Maschine 2, MPC Beats and Garageband.


Check out our selection of awesome packs foR the Novation CIRCUIT RHYTHM

Chiptune Dreams - Rhythm Edition

Chiptune Dreams "Rhythm Edition" is an entire collection of 256 samples that we redesign and remix, especially for the Novation Rhythm, combining the old school and the new school in 2 packs. You will find the sounds that rocked your childhood, brought up to date, while remaining faithful to the "old school" tracker sound of the late 80s and early 90s. From dirty, raw, and powerful sound to soft and brilliant sound, from the famous Commodore 64 to the modern synth through the legendary sounds of Amiga, you will discover everything you need to recreate,remix, and be one of those geniuses that will mark the time of video games soundtrack

HipHop is a genre that speaks to us all as musicians. This packs brings back the 90’s vibe like it was yesterday, soul, jazz, and funk are on the menu here, with plenty of room in between. The drums have been carefully collated in order to give you that old boombap acoustic drum feel. you wont find any 909’s here”.  
Techno is a genre that has been with us longer than most. The fundementals of techno lay the foundations for many genres such as house, trance, happy hardcore and more. The drums need to be tight and be able to cut through powerful synthlines and ambience as well as deep heavy bass. Techno foundations For the Rhythm takes off where the tracks stops.
Deep Techno & Electronica is a truly dark, deep and introspective musical force, full of structure and style. Robotic, mechanical and soulful, always looking to the future. The sound of Deep Techno & Electronica saturated with tape delays, heavy reverbs, ice cold atmospheres, and a strong Dub Techno influence.