KB Live solutions song:Mode for the ABLeton push and novation launchpad has had a massive update and now support arrangement as well as session view.

with simple mode giving you a pad per scene or arrangement view locator you can jump around your live set at will, without having to worry about furiously navigating with the arrow buttons

advanced mode allow you to add song numbers to the scene or lovator name, each song is then grouped together with the top half of the button matrix selecting the song and the bottom half available to trigger the scenes or locators within the song


Spellbook Enneagram Infographic

THE SPELL BOOK by Hypnus Records

The Spellbook is a Max for Live device inspired by sacred geometry. It converts esoteric symbols into LFO signals, enabling you to weave the fabric of nature into your projects.

Spellbook outputs 8 mappable modulation signals based on the X/Y position of a dot moving along the lines of the chosen shape. Each output can be assigned to two parameters, increasing its potential outputs to 16.

We have enabled automation for most parameters, making advanced internal and external modulations possible. With some settings, these can go quite far into the audio rate.


Repeat Pro is a Max for Live MIDI effect, designed to easily program rhythmic and melodic patterns step by step, then played by synthesizers, samplers and other instruments, both inside and outside Live.

The follow up to the hugely successful Repeat device, Repeat PRO has been rebuilt from the ground up with a swathe of new features.

The whole device is exclusively driven by a sixteen step sequencer, which among other parameters allows to set a different note, velocity, length, octave, control and delay amount for every single step. part of repeat pro’s magic resides on the uncertainty factor that surrounds its behavior and defines the state of its most important parameters.
LaunchSync XL Infographic


“In live electronic music, the endless free expanse of the computer screen tends to run up against the limited ability of your brain to tell just which freakin’ track am I on, anyway? In the studio, it can be annoying. Live onstage, it can be train wreck-inducing.

Ableton Live’s Session View has for years exacerbated this problem. You can limit your options to eight (or even four) tracks. But that doesn’t always work. You might need more than eight tracks for particular routings of audio or MIDI. And unless you use Device Racks and chains, you’ll also need extra tracks to switch instruments.

LaunchSync XL is a solution to that problem. Instead of all of your controllers going their own way and controlling different parts of Live separately, they can now move in tandem.