Nice & Naughty – Tom Cosm

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We’ve been following Tom’s work for years, his MegaSet principle in Ableton Live was the core inspiration for one of our most popular devices, Follow. Always innovating, the Novation Circuit appealed to his nature of expression and now we proudly present his first pack of patches. Here’s what Tom has to say about them…

“I wanted to make a pack that was great for people starting out. Powerful sounds and no confusing configurations. Something that is both half simple and half intense. Nice and naughty has the left 16 patches as good solid foundations to lay down ideas (smooth stabby basses, punchy leads, lush evolving pads etc), and the right most 16 has sounds that can get extreme and have wild variation using the Macro dials.

They are arranged so the first row is basslines, the second row is leads, the third row is pads and the fourth row is FX. I find this the most straight forward way to quickly load in another patch, as I love swapping them out on the fly not knowing what the next one is going to sound like, but being sure the sound is the same category as the last.

The macro knobs change depending on the patch, but usually the first four are OSC and modulation related, the last four are filter, distortion and chorus related.

I hope you enjoy this pack as much as I enjoyed creating it.” / TOM


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A Pack of 32 Patches to include individual .syx files and a single bank file..

1. Submission – Warm, deep sub bass that can get a bit gritty with some dial turns.
2. 7-up – Housey, garage like split oscillator bass with a bright texture that’s slip and slide around.
3. Sore Tooth – Classic saw bass with parameters to find your perfect snap.
4. 4 Corners – Solid square bass that’s thick and means serious business.
5. Blabber Mouth – Bassline in serious need of an attitude change – grimey, gritty and a bit pissed off.
6. Crease – Reboot of the classic Reece sound, strong foundations in the low, constantly evolving in the mid/high.
7. Shlappy – Digital funk bass slap, tap for a slap, pound for a pluck.
8. Wubba DuB – Snappy hits that speed up, hold your finger down to get the car engine started.
9. Sandman – Simple sine lead with slight pitch modulation to twinkle away on and send you off to la la land.
10. CoinBit – As close to a classic 8bit arp I can get without using an actual arpeggiator – It works!
11. The Slop – Lead with a bit of a droop to it, use me for your quirky funky lines.
12. Fulffball – LFO modulated lead with a bit of subtle noise here and there, think cloud watching the morning after.
13. Cross Examine – Play it up high for a tight bright lead, or try it down low for some quick single wubs.
14. Intensive Care – A subtle bit of distortion can quickly become a serious issue on the macros with this one.
15. Harmonic Serious – An odd number with a sharp attack and a haunting tail.
16. Grand Stand – Ear catching detuned oscillators that quickly stand to attention.
17. Co-signer – Sine/Triangle pads to add some subtle melodic substance to your jam.
18. Sorted – Just a good solid saw pad with control over the simpler things that matter most.
19. Pulse Rider – Retro pulse goodness with some bite.
20. Space Cadet – It’s like a church in space – half organ, half cosmos.
21. Slippery – Pad with a bit more flavor, modulating around with a little pitch envelope.
22. Velociraptor – Gritty pad that changes modulation speed per note depending on how hard you hit it.
23. Sparkle Pants – High pass filtered pad that flutters down from the sky.
24. 5th Eye – An erie pad that is my best attempt and making what the color grey would sound like.
25. ooOoo – Name says it all, the sound a robot makes when it see’s something it really likes.
26. Vertigo – Haunting and disorientating effect that constantly pulls you in all directions.
27. Remorse – Morse code with a bit of flavor and control thrown in.
28. Drive By – Classic yet neccesary white noise whoosh, riding the bandpass to announce your drop.
29. Gurgler – Bubbly sound effect that sounds like your cleaning out a blocked drain.
30. rm- rf / – Pretty much as much chaos I could fit into a single patch.
31. Castaway – Stranded on a beach while a creepy dying ice-cream van cries in the background.
32. Red Handed – A time synced alarm sound with a wide array of timbre changing options.

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