SONG:MODE - LaunchPad Edition

Breathtakingly Simple, devastatingly effective...


SONG:MODE is a Control Surface Script for Ableton Live 10 that lets you use your LaunchPad  in the most efficient way, making it possible to have your whole set on a single page. Add (SONG1), (SONG2) etc. to your scene names and the top half of the LaunchPad allows you to select each song and have the bottom half represent the scenes within each song.
Developer: KB Live Solutions
Compatibility: Live 9.7+ or Live 10.1+
OS: Mac & Windows
Min. Requirements: LaunchPad MKII, MINI MK3, X & Live 9.7+ or Live 10.1+


SONG:MODE LaunchPad Edition

This MIDI Controller script for the Novation Launchpad by KB Live Solutions is so simple and effective it should become the mainstay of your Live performance. As your Live set naturally grows the navigation around it and keeping track of your songs starts to become a challenge of a multitude of button presses to locate and trigger your next song. With SONG:MODE your next song is literally one button press away.

With the launch of SONG:MODE V2 we’ve extended the usage of the script in two ways, first up the new functionality working in both SESSION and ARRANGEMENT views, secondly for each view there are two separate working modes, SIMPLE & ADVANCED:

  • The “Simple” layout is very straightforward, with 1 Pad = 1 Scene or Marker, and works straight out of the box.
  • The “Advanced” layout allows you to group Scenes or Markers into “Songs”, as this was already the case on SONG:MODE 1.0.
  • Other new features:
    • Toggle between Arrangement and Session views from the controller
    • Set a Loop in Arrangement by holding several pads, toggle the Loop from the controller
    • Add colors to Markers, Scenes or Songs directly from the controller
    • “Safe/Restart” function to always launch playback from the last position or in case of accident
    •  When adding (STOP) to a Marker or Scene’s name, Live will stop
    • Stop All Clips / Back to Arrangement button
    • Arrangement Record (Only for Push 1 & 2 and Launchpad X)
    • Improved the way SONG:MODE is activated on Launchpad Mini MK3 and Launchpad X


Select the Song Mode LaunchPad script applicable to your controller in the Control Surface section of Lives preferences and assign the LaunchPad to its input and output. Then to activate SONG:MODE you simply press the User/Custom button.


All the Scenes and Markers are accessible directly from the Controller, and they are automatically detected.

In Arrangement view,  you can add Markers by pressing the New button, and set a Loop by holding the Marker’s pads.

You can assign colors to pads (both for Markers and Scenes) directly from the controller.


Advanced layout allows you to group several Scenes or Markers into virtual “SONGS”.

Once set up, the top half of the pad matrix of your LaunchPad lets you select a SONG, and then the bottom half will display and launch the Scenes that belong to this SONG. The selected SONG will blink, the playing SONG and Scene will blink in Green.

To add a Scene to a specific SONG, you just need to add (SONG#) somewhere in the name of the Scene or Marker, where # is the song number. Eg. (SONG1), (SONG2),…

There are 3 ways to do that :

  1. You can directly rename the Scene / MarkerYou can select the Scene in Live, then hold the top right scene launch button and press the target SONG’s pad
  2. You can use the Max For Live device (see below)
  3. The pads take the Scene’s color; the first Scene or Locator will give its color to the SONG’s pad. You can change the colors from the controller itself.

The other Modes of the LaunchPad are still available, simply press the  any other Mode button to exit SONG:MODE*

Other buttons :

If your Ableton Live set contains more than 32 Songs, the upper Up/Down arrows will let you navigate through the list, and if one Song contains more than 32 Scenes or Locators, you can scroll through it by using the upper Left/Right arrows.

  • If you hold the third Scene Launch button and press a Scene pad, the (SONG#) tag will be removed from its name, and thus, the Scene will be removed from the corresponding SONG.
  • The fourth Scene Launch button toggles the Arrangement Loop button
  • The fifth Scene Launch button activates the “Stop All Clips” button, pressing it while holding Shift will activate “Back To Arrangement”
  • The sixth Scene Launch button starts and stops Live’s playback.
  • The seventh Scene Launch button  (“Safe/Restart”) launches playback from the last start position