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Limbic Bits is sound designer, electronic music producer and synth nerd. With over twenty years of experience, Limbic Bits provide patch banks for hardware and software synthesisers – find out on his Youtube channel (http://youtube.com/c/limbicbits). With a strong focus on Ambient, IDM, (Melodic) Techno and Electronica, Limbic Bits is a great resource for lush pads, versatile textures and complex leads.

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  • Novation Circuit Elements Sound Bank

    Novation Circuit Elements

    Patches for Ambient, Techno and Electronica

    Elements is a patch bank for Novation Circuit. It contains two Banks of 32 patches each including warm pads, vast digital textures, analogue basses and complex leads. To start right away, this pack additionally features 64 samples with a selection of kicks, percussion and hihats!

    Developer: Limbic Bits | Compatibility: N/A | OS: Mac & Windows | Minimum Requirements: Novation Circuit

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