PerforModule Emphasizers Ableton Live Pack
PerforModule Emphasizers Ableton Live Pack PerforModule Emphasizers Ableton Live Pack

Emphasizers – Internal Sidechain Live Racks

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Emphasizers are Ableton Live container racks which can be used to apply “internal sidechain” filtering to any chain of audio effects.



The Emphasizers from PerforModule are a set of 4 “container” racks which can be used to apply “internal sidechain” filtering to any chain of audio effects, allowing for refined fine-tuning of their reactivity.

Simply drop the desired FX into the drop area and adjust the macro knobs of the rack to alter how strongly which frequencies get sent into the effects chain, while compensating to perfect unity afterwards. If there are no effects in the drop area, the emphasis controls will do nothing.

Pre-emphasis is in general most noticeable when applied to nonlinear effects (such as compression or distortion) which react to the input signal. For enhanced application with linear effects, try automating these controls. For example, on a reverb, automating the pre-emphasis filter frequency may cause interesting “sweeps”, and automating the in-out gain could provide a manipulatable “swelling”.

Find the effects in the browser via the “Packs” section, under “Audio Effects > Audio Effects Rack > Special”, or by typing “Emphasizer” into the search bar.
After loading, to see the see the pre-emphasis curve for any of the racks (with anaylzer), double-click where it says “Pre”.

Emphasizers Contents:

Emphasizer – Includes a bell pre-emphasis filter as well as an “In<->Out” control which will alter the input level while matching the output for unity.

Emphasizer (Dual Shelf) – This gives you low and high shelf pre-emphasis filters.

Emphasizer (L-R) – Includes seperate bell pre-emphasis filters for the left and right channels.

Emphasizer (M-S) – Includes seperate bell pre-emphasis filters for the center and sides channels.

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